8 educational businesses establish agreements with the Education and Training Evaluation Authority

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In the presence of the Executive Director of the “Tamayouz” Center, Dr. Ahmed Al-Jubaili, as well as a number of educational companies and representatives, the Education and Training Evaluation Authority, which is represented by the National Center for School Evaluation and Excellence “Tamayouz,” concluded today the introductory meeting to spread the culture of school accreditation in the Kingdom.

The two-day gathering included several sessions where they discussed the goals of school accreditation, its philosophy, cycle, standards, self-evaluation, improvement plans, and external evaluation, as well as organising the work of foreign bodies awarding school accreditation, the technical platform for school accreditation, the partnership mechanism, and contracts of agreements. accreditation of a school.

Education and Training Evaluation Authority In addition to the offices and departments of private and foreign education in the education departments of the targeted areas, and the private education committees in the chambers of commerce,

the meeting also targeted educational companies and private and international schools in the targeted areas of the Eastern Province, which number (85) schools and educational destinations. Evaluation of Education and Training To execute school accreditation, there are eight agreements.

Education and Training Evaluation Authority Dr. Ahmed Al-Jubaili, executive director of the Center for Excellence, and the presidents and directors of (8) educational enterprises that include (72) educational complexes and branches signed the agreements.

The formal confirmation that a school has met the quality requirements set by the authorities is provided via its accreditation programme. The goal of the school accreditation system is to create a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement as an approach to the school’s everyday operations by monitoring performance based on criteria and indicators.

Education and Training Evaluation Authority In order to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 and the Human Capacity Development Program, the Kingdom’s school accreditation programme aims to control the quality of inputs and processes, ensure the quality and governance of educational and training outputs, increase beneficiary satisfaction, increase the school’s efficiency in using its material and human resources, and enhance the ability to innovate and develop educational programmes.

This conference is an extension of the sessions that the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, represented by the “Tamayouz” Center, will hold in all areas of the Kingdom during the current year 2022 AD.

It is noteworthy that the Tamayouz Center is one of the institutions connected to the Education and Training Evaluation Authority, which aims to monitor the degree of progress of educational outcomes, enhance evaluation techniques, enhance the educational setting that fosters creativity and innovation, and contribute to ensuring the calibre of schooling to satisfy development needs and attain national goals.

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