A fresh failure: Barcelona and the disregard for the “hero’s personality” teachings

Barcelona’s latest European defeat sparks discussion about the team’s character. Barcelona loses once more; the Catalan squad performs well in Spain but struggles in Europe; and we have no idea how long this tale will be told.

The Catalan team seemed to work well together, but it lost its continental identity. Perhaps the issue wasn’t that it was overlooked, but that it even existed in the first place.

Barcelona is torn between having faith in Spain and being afraid to play against clubs from the old continent. This conflict may not be resolved this year.

Xavi, what have you done?

Lewandowski, Dembele, and Rafinha make up Barcelona’s offensive three when we look at the team’s configuration before to the game. Naturally, I assumed Othman would be on the left, leaving the competent Brazilian player who can play in this position on the right side.

However, Xavi made the decision to play Rafinha on the left and Dembele on the right. This was an idea he tried to implement several times in Spanish League games but was unsuccessful.

Because it only provides Dembele his favourite playing area while oppressing Rafinha, who excels at playing on the right flank, we discovered a glaring absence of the Brazilian.

Rafinha was positioned on the left, but with intricate tasks that required him to enter deep, freeing up space for full-back Marcos Alonso, whose presence on the line widens the field. The goal was to position Othman where he could play more.

The concept is sound, no doubt, but Rafinha would have performed better if Ferran Torres or Fati had been present. These individuals want to delve deeply, so giving them these responsibilities would not be problematic for them.

As a result, Xavi squandered 55 minutes in this odd technical posture before Othman begged to trade places with Rafinia. Then, we see Rafinha’s first significant play, a pass to the depths that ultimately found Dembele, who struck the crossbar.

Although impressive, Dembele!

We cannot argue that Othman is one of the most significant players in the Barcelona attack line. At the period of his involvement, no other Blaugrana wing, and maybe not even in the entire Spanish League, could equal his level of importance.

The Frenchman’s mercurial nature makes it impossible to predict or wager on his level throughout the season, but it is possible to see that he can play at several levels and in different forms within a single match.

Osman may have been responsible for Barcelona’s aborted equalizer—this much is true—but he wasted 66 minutes before misplacing the ball and committed random errors that were beneath his ability.

We are therefore left with a dilemma for which Othman has the only solution: either he develops his mindset and improves these areas on his own initiative, or we choose not to gamble on him and rely on another player to fill in for him during his difficult periods up to the conclusion of the season.

Barcelona is outside Europe.
Without a doubt, the Catalan club is performing better and better every day, as seen by the Blaugrana’s outstanding results in the Spanish League.

Barcelona performed admirably in both the win against Viktoria Plzen and the loss to Bayern versus Bayern, just like they did in the Champions League.

Although today’s defeat does not indicate a catastrophe, it does demonstrate that Barcelona still needs more time to develop a strong European identity.

We are aware that such terms are tired and that for many years the term “champion character” has been misused to excuse numerous teams from winning tournaments they did not merit.

But it’s true that the Blaugrana lack a distinct identity that would help the squad gel in championship matchups, particularly away from home.

Due to a positioning error that lost the squad a brief time of confusion during which he scored two goals against Stegen, the loss versus Munich occurred in a matter of minutes.

Today, at a historic stadium like Giuseppe Meazza, the Blaugrana components also struggled to cope with the Nerazzurri fans’ intense pressure.

In order for Xavi to respond to the situation in the best way, he must be aware of the truth, understand the state of his components, and the amount to which pressures are affecting them. The truth therefore suggests a reduction in the strength of the continental squad.

Xavi may be eliminated from the competition after losing a match, but he still needs to win a team.

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