Abeer Al-Sharqawi, a retired artist, is attacked by a writer. In front of me, her father, the director, rejected her.

The director of the television show “The Weeping Laughing,” the retired Egyptian actress Abeer Al-Sharqawi, was assailed for giving his wife, the artist Ferdous Abdel Hamid, a lead role in the show despite her being unqualified for it.

Attacks made by Abeer Al-Sharqawi on “The Weeping Laughing”

Director Mohamed Fadel Etkhbel, the beginning of Ferdous Abdel Hamid, mother of a baby, roughly 30 years old, in the series The Weeping Laughing, a waste of public and private money, wrote Abeer Al-Sharqawi in a post on her “Facebook” page.

Oh, people, be patient, the famous actress stated in response to Abeer in an effort to preserve Paradise. This stage cannot be accomplished in one or two episodes, followed by the completion of the part and excellent performance in the remaining episodes. It is typical.

Response from Ferdous Abdel Hamid to Abeer Al-Sharqawi

In response to Al-criticism, Sharqawi’s Ferdous requested her to watch the first third of the work before condemning her, accusing her of setting the trend during a telephone conversation with her for the “ET in Arabic” show.

Before making any criticisms as a spectator, you should watch the first third of the series in its entirety. You used the wrong terms, and it appears that you are attempting to make a point. the trend, and shed light on yourself no longer, but unfortunately your comment shows how much you do not understand the technical evaluation,” she continued.

Abeer Al-Sharqawi is attacked by Muhammad Al-Ghaiti.

In contrast, when Abeer Abeer Al-Sharqawi appeared as a guest on “Today,” writer Muhammad Al-Ghaiti did not agree with his viewpoint. Al-Ghaiti became irate and yelled angrily, “Who is this character to attack the job of technician and writes a post labelling us as “renovation,” when the program’s host requested Abeer to discuss her thoughts on the series during a telephone intervention.

In an angry tone, Al-Ghaiti stated: “I am withdrawing from this meeting because this character and her father, the great director Jalal Al-Sharqawi, disavowed her in front of me in his office, and I refuse to share her in one intervention.” This was the incident in which director Jalal Al-Sharqawi disavowed his daughter Abeer in front of him in his office.

As shown in “The Laughing Laughing,” Firdous Abdul Hamid

Frods Abdel Hamid was the mother of “Naguib Al-Rihani” when he was a youngster, which required her to be in her thirties or twenties to play such a part. Viewers were outraged by her appearance at work and her acting in a role that was out of character for her age.

The founders of social networking sites attacked the famous filmmaker Mohamed Fadel’s ongoing initiatives and his persistent insistence on including his wife in his work.

Following the presentation of the first episode of the work, which covered Najib Al-early Rihani’s years, home life, and family, which included his Iraqi father, “Elias,” his mother, “Latifa,” and his three brothers, the bullying and ridicule campaign got underway. The scene started by telling the family’s history in Firdaus’ voice for ten minutes.

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