after 37 years in retirement, Aziza Jalal is back creating art. Who is the rightful owner of “Mastaniak”?

After about 37 years of retirement, the singer Aziza Jalal, who had the opportunity to perform in front of the late King Hassan II, decided to return to the artistic world when she participated in the classical singing festival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She studied the exits of words and letters and was well-known to the audience for her sweet voice.

At the Standard Singing Festival, Aziza Jalal

The singer, Aziza Jalal, uploaded a short clip to her Facebook page in which she was joined by the Iraqi musician Kazem Al-Saher, who appeared to welcome her before to the commencement of her festival performance. As a result, her images emerged on several social networking sites.

The musician Aziza Jalal, who has a unique appearance and timeless songs, particularly “Mastniak,” came up in the search results right away.

details regarding Aziza Jalal

According to prior remarks made to Aziza Jalal on the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” show, which was broadcast on the “Al-Hayat” channel, “Hun” monitors the most crucial information about her in the lines that follow.

In 1958, Aziza Jalal was born.

The famous artist was raised in Morocco’s Meknes.

  • Aziza Jalal finished high school in Meknes.

In the same city, she studied solfege principles and musical maqam.

  • The artist Aziza Jalal took part in the “Mawaheb” lyrical programme contests in 1975.
  • During the late King Hassan II’s reign, she sang a number of patriotic songs on the occasions of Sitting Day.
  • When she was 20 years old, she sang well while singing in front of the late King Hassan II at the Sitting Day ceremony.

Aziza Jalal originally travelled to the Emirates in 1975 after departing from Morocco.

  • Among the numerous Egyptian composers I worked with were Helmy Bakr, Mohamed El Mougy, El Sunbati, Sayed Makkawi, Baligh Hamdi, and Kamal El Taweel.

She previously claimed to have learnt proper word pronunciation and attention to the ends of words and letters from Al-Sunbati.

She gained notoriety in the Arab world because to the song “Mastaniak.”

Journey of Aziza Jalal’s singing

Moroccan singer Aziza Jalal started singing in 1975 by taking part in singing competitions. She sang the songs from “Shadia” and “Asmahan” and got everyone’s respect. During the reign of King Hassan II, she also sang patriotic songs on the occasions of Sitting Day.

The second stop for “Jalal” was the Emirates, where the singer Jaber Al-Jassem sang three songs in the local dialect, “Sidi Ya Sidi,” “Ghazil Fella,” and “Yashouq.”

The first Egyptian composer to work with Aziza Jalal was Muhammad Al-Mouji, and she provided him with two songs: “Except for the first thing we encounter” and “Battakhamni,” which she sung and which were written by Riyad Al-Sunbati, Sayed Makkawi, Baligh Hamdi, Kamal Al-Taweel, and Helmy Bakr.

The songs of Aziza Jalal that are well known

Aziza Jalal gained fame with the song “Mestniak,” which was written by the late musician Baligh Hamdi and included Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram singing the song again. The song’s lyrics were by Abdel Wahab Muhammad.

Abdel Wahab Muhammad’s “Love is a Game,” “As You Are,” “Your Right to Taatbni,” and “Mink and You,” as well as Muhammad Al-composition Mouji’s of “As You Are,” Riyad Al-lyrics, Sunbati’s and Kamal Al-composition Taweel’s of “Your Right to Taatbni,” are among her most well-known songs. Helmy Bakr penned Abdel Wahab Mohamed.

The most well-known performances of Aziza Jalal
In addition to many other Arab nations, she performed in Morocco, Cairo, Alexandria, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Carthage. In addition to refusing to perform at weddings, she had never experienced singing in a movie before Morocco’s last concerts.

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