After Jadara closed, switching to the Unified National Employment Platform

The Unified National Employment Platform will take its place as of Sunday, October 9, 2022, according to an announcement made by the Jadara platform for electronic recruiting in Saudi Arabia. It was said that efforts are being made to match job seekers with openings in both the public and private sectors.
The site also said that the National Employment Platform will have access to all previously registered information, including points earned.

merit-based system

Job seekers may connect with openings in the public and private sectors via the Jadara portal.
In addition to offering an electronic application service for positions that are announced by government agencies and match their qualifications and specialisations, Jadara claims that it enables job applicants who are Saudi citizens to register their personal data, qualifications, and practical experience while attaching the necessary documents. Following that.

The nomination points are displayed to all candidates on the advertising, together with their preferences for employment and the occupations for which they were nominated, once the data has been automatically matched and validated and has gone through the automated filtering system.

creation of the Unified National Employment Platform

The Saudi Council of Ministers’ decision to establish the Unified National Employment Platform in February 2021, the specifics of which were published in the Official Gazette “Umm Al-Qura,” resulted in the creation of a database of job seekers in the public and private sectors, according to a specially created questionnaire.

To achieve efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy, transparency, and fairness in the employment process, the Unified National Employment Platform was established with the primary goal of unifying, improving, and raising the adequacy of procedures for receiving and addressing all employment requirements for all relevant parties (individuals, public sector, private sector).

goals and offerings

The Unified National Employment Platform engages in a wide range of practises and services, including:

  1. Registering the processes for job postings for the organisations and their thoroughness.
  2. Maintaining the platform’s access privileges, writing and updating CVs, and managing the accounts of job seekers.
    3- Using current integration with other parties, automatically check the data in resumes.
  3. Recording applicants’ personal information, such as name, marital status, age, and other essential details.
  4. Documenting credentials and specialities to assure data correctness and quality by automatic connection with pertinent authorities, including: the Ministry of Education, the National Information Center, and other organisations.
  5. 6- Providing all common dashboards, reports, and statistics, as well as outputs of all kinds.
  6. Automation of processes.
  7. – Registering appointment papers.
  8. – Assistance services


It is planned to move the present data held by the bodies connected with employment in the public and private sectors to the Unified National Employment Platform, in accordance with the decision to develop the single national platform for employment.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will serve as the committee’s chair, and the Ministry of Education, the National Information Center, the Human Resources Development Fund, and the General Secretariat of the Military Service Council will also serve on the committee.

The National Committee for Digital Transformation, Office of Supervising the National Plan for Employment in the Public and Private Sectors, General Authority for Statistics, and the Steering Committee may add additional entities as necessary are also members of the committee.

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