Ahmed Omar Hashem: Al-Sisi gave Egypt tremendous success, therefore it’s important to band together and spread the news.

Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, a member of Al-Council Azhar’s of Senior Scholars, thanked and praised President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for bringing Egypt achievements during this time that had never been “The message said, “May God protect him and prosper him with victory over Tawfiq.

Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem expressed his happiness to meet President Sisi and the honourable attendance on this memorable day to celebrate the memory of our master “Muhammad,” may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in a speech after being honoured by the Egyptian president during the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday today, Wednesday.

Which God has given us, so that His grace has exceeded all other benefits… Stressing the need of clinging to God’s rope, bringing the ranks together, and spreading the message.

Hashem reveals that when the Noble Messenger said, “And I am the messengers’ seal before Adam and creation,” it was clear that he was a prophet. We increased your remembrance for you,” God Almighty raised his height.

Ahmed Omar Hashem Do you know, Muhammad, how God raised your remembrance? Gabriel, peace be upon him, descended at this point and asked. God is the wisest. Your Lord said: “I do not recall that you were mentioned with me,” he added.

“He doesn’t remember the Ruler of Brilliance without interfacing the call to Islam with his dearest and picked prophet Muhammad, may God’s requests and harmony arrive,” added Hashem. prayer and the call to prayer, so that not a moment goes by without the minarets of Islam blaring, bearing witness to God’s oneness and a witness to His Prophet’s message.

We have not met here to remember a memory that has been lost, he said, “but to awaken hearts from which guidance has been absent, and to give thanks to our Lord for his tremendous blessing in sending the Messenger to us.” O Messenger of God, either you or you won’t be forgotten by us.

The Holy Prophet urged us to hold tight to God’s rope, join forces, organise our thoughts, and give guidance to those whom God had given to us, the speaker added. God Almighty, according to the Messenger, likes three things about you and dislikes three of them:

He likes it when you worship Him and do not associate anything with Him, when you cling to God’s arm in its entirety, when you give Him advice from His guardians as He has commanded you, and when you waste money, time, or gossip.

In honour of the Prophet’s birthday, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi of the Republic recited verses from the Holy Qur’an while Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, President of Al-Azhar University and a full-time professor at the Department of Hadith and its Sciences at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Azhar University.

To commemorate Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, President Sisi came down from the podium of the celebration and kissed his head in a beautiful display of human gesture.

The march’s organiser and the president of our nation deserve our gratitude for bringing Egypt first-time accomplishments, says Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem remarked. May God grant him triumph over Tawfiq and enlarge him. God has blessed us via his prophets and messengers, including our master Muhammad, whose favour is greater than all others.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was present as Sheikh Ahmed Tamim Al-Maraghi recited verses from the Holy Quran to kick off the Ministry of Awqaf’s commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday at the Al-Manara Convention Center in the Fifth Settlement.

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