Al Baik, Saudi Arabia

Al Baik – Most of us ate Al Baik in Saudi Arabia but very few know the meaning of Al Baik, the number of calories it contains, and the fact that its owner Shakkour AbuGhazalah died just 5 months after its launch.

When we talk about delicious food in Saudi Arabia, the first word that comes to our mind is none other than “Al Baik“. The most important feature of Al Baik is the high-quality BROAST !!!

Top Facts of Al Baik, Saudi Arabia

There are several facts about Al Baik that are unknown to 90% of consumers of the food chain. They are arranged as follows;

Al Baik’s name was “BROAST RESTAURANT”

Most of us do not know that Al Baik’s name was “Broast Restaurant” before 1986. The story of Al BAIK began when the late Shakkour AbuGhazalah saw the need for high-quality, high-quality fast food, in a clean and tidy environment. an environment that invites us to Saudi Arabia.

Founder-owner of Al Baik

The founder of Al Baik is Shakkour AbuGhazalah who passed away 5 months after Albaik’s founding on August 14, 1976, and lost his battle with cancer at the age of 48.

Al Baik Chicken Broast Recipe

The son of the founding owner Ihsan Shakkour AbuGhazalah continued the work of Al Baik after the death of the owner and introduced the famous recipe of 18 herbs and spices in Saudi Arabia.

Garlic Sauce

Thomb – The Garlic sauce- is a special food for Al Baik. It is not found anywhere else in the Kingdom.

The first branch of Al Baik was in Sharfiyah

Al Baik’s first restaurant in Saudi Arabia dates back to the old warehouse found in Sharfiyah, Jeddah in 1974. The people of Sharfiyah will be proud of it.

In March 1976 a second restaurant was opened at Broast Al Dakheel Building – the site designated for the chain.

Al Baik Makkah 1990

After Al Baik’s success in Jeddah, they opened their first branch in Makkah in 1990 which made them the strongest in Saudi Arabia. The branch is still located on Umm ul Qura Road and anyone who has ever visited Haram must have seen this Al Baik branch. AL BAIK was opened in Makkah Al Mukarama in 1990.

Description of Al Baik

Many of us wonder what the name Al Baik means. Al Baik is an Arabic poetic word with the meaning “Select, Select or Select”. So, if anyone asks you about the meaning of the brand name Al Baik, you should be prepared for the answer.

Al Baik Broast Meal Calories

The level of calories added after eating half a broast in Al Baik with 1142 calories is very high. However, when you compare the number of Al Baik calories with other fast-food chains, they are almost comparable. For example, one simple burger from KFS contains about 1000 calories higher than Al Baik.

Al Baik and Charity

One of the main reasons for Al Baik’s amazing success in Saudi Arabia is that the owner of the food chain pays SR 1 to an organization that helps the poor with each chicken sold.

The formula is simple, if you keep the part of Allah in your sale, Allah will increase you by many barriers.

Al Baik had 400 rivals

It was the first restaurant in the Kingdom to introduce Broast chicken to Saudi Arabia. About 400 broast-serving restaurants were opened in Saudi Arabia shortly after Al Baik’s success.

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