Al-Ittihad – The city of Jeddah has forever been a hotbed of football action, and there’s no club that preferred represents this custom over Al-Ittihad. During its long and brilliant history, Al-Ittihad among numerous different titles have turned into the main Asian club to win the AFC Champions League for quite some time. They have a deeply grounded contention with Al-Hilal, and their matches are frequently viewed as confrontations between the urban areas of Jeddah and Riyadh.


With an establishment date of December 26, 1927, the shaping of Al-Ittihad went before the making of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by five years. This makes Al-Ittihad the most seasoned sports club in the country. The first purpose for the club’s initiation was to give diversion to all residents of Jeddah. Subsequently, the organizers concluded that the new club ought to be named Al-Ittihad (signifying “The Union” in Arabic).

Preceding the appearance of expert football in Saudi Arabia, Al-Ittihad for the most part contended in territorial competitions. The main exemption was the King’s Cup, which included groups from the whole country. This gave a potential chance to go up against groups, for example, Al-Hilal, setting up a derby that would before long become known as the “El Clasico.” Al-Ittihad was sensibly effective in the King’s Cup, asserting 5 titles in the period from 1958 to 1967.

A jump to noticeable quality

Following the arrangement of the Saudi Professional League in 1976, Al-Ittihad was one of 16 groups to partake in the debut season. They brought home their most memorable championship in 1982, prevailing over Al-Shabab 1-0 in the season finisher finals. This ended up being their main taste of flatware during the initial twenty years in the association, however they wrapped as sprinters up on two events.

When the new century rolled over, be that as it may, Al-Ittihad immediately laid down a good foundation for itself as the best group in the country. From 1997 to 2003, they asserted five association titles, including three successive prizes from 1999 to 2001. During this period, the group included headliners like Bebeto, Ahmad Jamil, and HamzahIdris. Before the decade’s over, they brought home two extra association championships in 2007 and 2009, affirming an extraordinary run of structure.

Commercial Magnificence days

Notwithstanding their homegrown triumphs, the club’s most noteworthy achievement during this time was winning two straight AFC Champions League titles in 2004 and 2005. The main title was especially vital, as Al-Ittihad figured out how to upset a 1-3 shortfall and rout SeongnamIlhwaChunma 5-0 in the second leg of the last match to guarantee the title. The next year, they walked around the subsequent prize by overcoming their adversaries 8-3, 7-0, and 5-3 on total.

Following these accomplishments, Al-Ittihad verged on marking Luis Figo, however their bid finished in disappointment. This was the ideal first of numerous mistake for the club’s fans, as Al-Ittihad neglected to win any significant prizes before long. The ’10s were an especially useless ten years since the club gradually relapsed towards the mid-table in the Saudi Professional League. In any case, they won the King’s Cup in 2013 and 2018.

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