Al-Tai.. the league’s first “hat-trick”

In the match that brought them together yesterday at Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Jalawi City Stadium in Hail, as part of the sixth round of the Saudi Roshan League, Al-first Tai’s football team honoured its Gulf visitor with three goals for free, recording its fourth victory in the competition against two losses.

Knowledge Musuna of Zimbabwe scored all three goals for Al-Tai, becoming the first player in the league this season to record a “hat-trick” of three straight goals. With one win and a tie, this is the Gulf’s fourth defeat.

Al-Taei increased his total after four victories to 12 points, while Al-balance Khaleej’s remained at 4.

lift in spirits

Following the goalie’s error, several Al-Tai club supporters carried a canvas in the stands of Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Jalawi stadium in Hail with a picture of the Brazilian goalkeeper Victor Braga and the words “We trust you” in Arabic and English to encourage him. Goalkeeper Mostafa Zaghba scored the second goal in the fifth-round game between Damak and another team.

A race and a camera

In order to take pictures with the horse that represents the North Knight, many kids rushed to ride over the model of a horse that was placed in the area designated for the events that accompanied the first Tai football team’s game against its Gulf visitor, which took place in Hail in the sixth round.

Musuna completes his hat trick.

Hussein Salem is blocked by Abdullah Al-Shanqiti as Musuna completes his hat-trick, and the goal for Al-Tai is ruled to be a penalty kick (18). Brian makes a strong pass near the post (22).

Al-goal Tai’s is shot by Ayman Al-Hujaili in an original fashion, passing near to the post (34), and Abdul Karim Al-Sulaiman intercepts the ball before it reaches the goal (36).

Al-Tai came back, and on the counterattack, Mbenza blasted a shot that was deflected by goalie Frederick and found Mosuna waiting in the Gulf goal for a second goal (53).

There are several defensive gaps in the Gulf defence, so Mosona launches a solo shot and scores his third goal (61). The offside trap (75), the application of Al-Tai, and the control of Al-Tai and the play continued until the finish of the match with Mousuna’s triple eliminated any sense of danger in the Gulf.

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