Balpink Fans are mesmerised by Cyrine Abdel Nour’s most recent appearance.

Through her own Instagram account, the artist Cyrine Abdel Nour shared her images from the Murex Festival in Lebanon with her followers.

A huge number of audiences interacted and expressed admiration for Abdel Nour as she appeared in a long pink dress, applied adequate cosmetics, and wore hair that was suited for her look.

The commenter known only as “Abdelnour” said in response to one of the images, “The prize is you. Thank you, Murex d’Or, and the biggest gratitude to the Arab audience.”

Ramy Ayyash and Cyrine Abdel Nour collaborated on a brand-new dramatic piece.

In the television show “Al Ain for an Eye,” which the Shahid VIP platform presented its first propaganda poster through its official account on “Instagram” and which aired on August 21 of the prior month, Ayyash and Cyrine Abdel Nour met.

The celebrities taking part in the Al Ain series

Salam Kasiri wrote the script and the dialogue for this film, which was directed by Randa Alam and starred Cyrine Abdel Nour, Ramy Ayyash, and a number of other actors. The film’s plot revolves around suspense, excitement, and action.

The private and creative world of celebrity Cyrine Abdel Nour

Cyrine Abdel Nour, a Lebanese singer, actress, and model, was born on February 21, 1977. Having a Lebanese father and a Greek mother, Cyrine was born in Abadieh. She attended Saint-Curier School before enrolling in a college to study accounting. She started working in the modelling industry after graduating in November 1993.

She participated in her debut fashion show where she displayed “Christmas” season attire for several fashion designers, including Zuhair Murad. She made an appearance in a Saudi Arabian television commercial for one of the washing powders that was shot in Lebanon. She appeared as a model in the 1994 music video for the song “Kalam El Nas” by George Wassouf.

Beginning in 1998, she started appearing on LBC as an actor via her involvement in a variety of plays. In 2002, Serene won a fierce battle to be named the best model.

She had her first acting role in the “Binati” television series in 2003. In 2004, she began to pursue a singing career and published her debut album, “Leila Min Layali.”

She rose to prominence in Egypt and the Arab world with the 2008 film “Ramadan Abu Alamein Hamouda,” which she co-starred in with the artist Mohamed Henedy.

She made an honorary appearance in the Lebanese-Egyptian co-production Dukhan Without Fire the same year, which was shot in Beirut. Despite being a guest of honour for a Lebanese film, Cyrine Abdel Nour is endowed with a very distinctive beauty in the movie, according to critic Mohamed Hassan Hegazy.

Her roles varied between television shows and movies, and in 2009, she made a comeback on the Lebanese cinema in the lead role of Al-Adham opposite Ahmed Ezz. When she starred with international icon Omar Sharif in the Ministry of Culture-produced film “The Traveler,” Egyptian cinema opened its wide doors to her.

Cyrine Abdel Nour’s third album, Layali El Hob, was released a few days prior to the events in Gaza. Cyrine made the decision at the time to postpone the album in accordance with the production company if the conflict broke out before the release date.

She also remarks on his echos, saying, “Praise be to God, I immediately started receiving comments once the CD was published. I made an effort to provide an album that blended Lebanese and Egyptian dialects as well as a song that blended Lebanese and French dialects.

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