Beneficiaries are invited by Citizen Account to update their information and the necessity of disclosure

Beneficiaries of the Citizen Account Program were required to update their information and disclose all sources of income, including those derived from their monthly salary, pension, or commercial activity in addition to those derived from financial investments, returns from real estate assets, and self-employment income, if they had not previously done so in order to qualify for the acceleration of their payments.

Abdullah Al-Hajri, the Citizen Account Program’s Director General of Communications, emphasised the value of transparency and the program’s connections to several pertinent authorities; the programme sends text messages to beneficiaries who failed to update their information and identify the sources of their income so that eligibility and their entitlement in the programme for the November cycle would be reviewed; to make sure the data is consistent;

Citizen Account Explaining that one of the programme support policies and controls is to update the beneficiary of his data within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of the change, in accordance with Article 17, which states: “The applicant or the primary beneficiary, as the case may be, must update his account.

” This is done to increase the efficiency of directing benefits and government support. The electronic mail within a window of time not exceeding (fifteen) days following the date of any modification to the information and data that he had previously entered that had an effect on the eligibility and eligibility evaluation cycle.

While “Al-Hajri” stated that the independent individual in the programme is intended, every person who is 18 years of age or older, resides in a separate residence, and has his or her own expense, and in order to obtain the provided support, he or she must be independent of the residence,

Citizen Account whether he or she has a unified electronic rental contract in his or her name, or has a title deed of housing, or has a proof of government, private, or university housing,

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