Black Hat | Cisco exhibits its most recent security advancements

Black Hat | The business examines the options open to businesses for boosting productivity, profitability, and efficiency through the purchase of cutting-edge security systems.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

In order to review the procedures that allow businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Cisco has announced its intention to participate in the Black Hat Middle East and Africa 2022 event. Which will be launched in the Saudi capital.

Riyadh, between 15 and 17 November 2022 and is co-organized by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones. bolstering security measures at work in light of the ongoing trend toward hybrid work patterns.

At a time when the long-term trend towards hybrid work patterns and the rapid development of cyber-attacks have contributed to raising awareness of potential cyber threats against critical infrastructure facilities and businesses and institutions, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Cisco’s vision on ways to enhance workforce productivity and levels of security protection in various work environments.

Achieving security resilience, guaranteeing company integrity, being able to deal with unanticipated dangers, and emerging stronger are the main goals for today’s businesses.

Fadi Younes, Head of Cyber Security for Cisco in the Middle East and Africa and the Service Providers Division in EMEA, commented on the situation Black Hat and stated that it was becoming more crucial for IT decision-makers to achieve security resilience, improve their company’s safety, react to threats, and emerge stronger.

Business leaders have a strategic forum to discuss and keep up with upcoming developments in the cybersecurity industry thanks to Black Hat Middle East and Africa. At Cisco, we think businesses can increase their profitability by putting money into the proper security solutions.

The Cisco exhibit is at Stand H3. B30 and features the following security-related important innovations:

Security systems with zero trust

Old security paradigms are unable to keep up with the new realities of multi-cloud systems, insufficient transparency, and constantly developing cyber threats. Anyone may become an internal danger to their business thanks to the global trend toward hybrid work styles.

Zero-trust security solutions provide access in ways that enhance defence against security threats without affecting employee experience, Black Hat which can help enterprises maintain the integrity of their company.

Users in Saudi Arabia now have access to password-less two-factor authentication solutions to safeguard SSO apps. By employing biometrics like Windows Hello, a Mac touch ID sensor, and security keys, users may log in without requiring a password.

Users in Saudi Arabia now have access to password-less two-factor authentication solutions to safeguard SSO apps. Black Hat By employing biometrics like Windows Hello, a Mac touch ID sensor, and security keys, users may log in without requiring a password.

Due to the discontinuation of biometric adoption following several years of rapid development, Cisco has also provided Duo Mobile as an extra option for passwordless authentication. This streamlines solution installation procedures and lowers the overall cost of producing digital assets for clients. Additionally, 81% of Duo customers have activated biometrics on their mobile devices.

Network protection

The statistics demonstrated the return of workers to their workplaces and the fall in remote login authentication usage, which peaked in 2020 and subsequently declined to levels below those of pre-Covid-19 in 2022.

The necessity for enterprises to adopt high-performance network security technologies without incurring additional expenditures increased as hybrid work habits became the new standard. With the most recent addition to the Secure Firewall 3100 series, the first firewall Black Hat created exclusively for hybrid corporate settings, Cisco aims to stay on top of client demands.

Additionally, (Secure Firewall 3105) enables most businesses to build more branch offices at cost-effective costs. The application assists workers using hybrid work systems by enabling more distant users and enhancing VPN performance and speed by a factor of 17 times.

Secure connection

As crucial resources are relocated to cloud storage, customers worry that their data may be jeopardised. The problem is made worse by the 24% increase Black Hat in validations for cloud apps in 2022. Given the dangers posed by cybercriminals and the unintended problems brought on by inexperienced users, data protection is more crucial than ever.

To meet this challenge, Cisco is enhancing the end-to-end solution that powers Secure Access, improving its data loss prevention capabilities, and making management tasks for security teams easier.

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