Budget Turkey Al-Mizani faces a challenging question about the selling of his poetry, and he shares the specifics of his conflict with the poet Safar Al-Dhaylbi.

Budget Turkey Al-Mizani was questioned by journalist Mufreh Al-Shaqi, host of the Ya Hala show on Rotana Khaleejia channel, on how to market his poems.

Selling poetry:

Al-Mizani said throughout the conversation, “Are there buyers? If there is, I won’t have a problem, he said, adding that although he had heard of selling poetry before, he had never done it himself. Budget Turkey The poet responded that he did not accept the sale of his poems, citing his respect for his poetry in response to the brother’s repeated question.

Wages of dialogue poets:

The journalist also inquired about the dialogue poets’ salaries with the poet. Al-Shaqiqi enquired, “How much are the conversation poets’ salaries?” Budget Turkey Al-Mizani thus found the response, “Praise be to God is excellent,” to be satisfactory. He would not give exact figures.

The one millionth poet

Budget Turkey After taking part in the “Million’s Poet” programme, poet Turki Al-Mizani explained why he avoided system poetry and instead attended poetry readings. The Million Poet is a programme that stole a lot from us, both in terms of ideas and poetry, he claimed. The poet must sometimes slow down, and is keen on what he presents, she must.” He just observes things that advance his profession. He went on:

I spend a lot of time in dialogue. Maybe it’s fear. I adore nazm poetry, and it has to be in one way. I enjoy discussion poetry, therefore if I’m asked to an evening of nazm poetry, I don’t mind as long as it honours poetry and poets.

His argument with the poet Safar Al-Daghilbi in full

In response to a question about his disagreement with Safar al-Dhaylbi, he said that he had the utmost regard for “Al-Dhaylbi,” adding that his decision to forgo becoming a poet is a reflection of his respect for himself, the poet, and his tribe.

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