Capital of Qatar crossword clue: Locate structures that humans formerly believed

Capital of Qatar crossword clue | We discover the arduous efforts made by scientists to explain very precise lines and massive things. There are so many breathtaking views on Earth, yet many of them defy current technological advancements. In fact, some people have even claimed they were created by extraterrestrials, according to a National Geographic article from October 2017.

To play today’s Crossword, simply click the start button. The clue for 10-Across will require you to “think” again about how you view some things.

Capital of Qatar crossword clue Some of humanity’s most amazing accomplishments leave historians and experts puzzled as to how previous civilisations were able to construct such massive, mysterious buildings.

One is Sacsayhuaman

A stronghold called Sacsayhuaman in the Peruvian Andes is made of enormous stones that have been jigsaw puzzled together. The fortress walls, which were built more than a thousand years ago, are comprised of boulders that weigh roughly 360 tonnes Capital of Qatar crossword clue each and were transported for more than 32 kilometres before being raised and placed with extraordinary accuracy.

People are still perplexed by the Incas’ architectural prowess. The solution was recently discovered when archaeologists discovered remnants of an Inca stone-transporting device that employed a rope and lever to move stones from quarries to towns.

Nasca lines 2.

More than 800 lengthy, straight white lines may be found on a plateau in the Peruvian desert, 321 kilometers southeast of Lima. Capital of Qatar crossword clue, At first sight, they seem random, but when you look closer, you can see more than 300 geometric forms and 70 animal representations.

The largest of the forms, which are best viewed from above and which the civilization would not have been able to do, measure approximately 1,200 feet wide.

The Nasca lines may be more than two millennia old, according to scientists. Nobody is entirely sure why the lines were drawn; at first, it was thought that they may represent constellations, the Capital of Qatar crossword clue but more recently, experts have discovered evidence that suggests the Nasca lines may have been produced for ceremonial or ritualistic purposes.

Mars’s Face

The face on Mars, which is about 3.21 kilometres long and resembles a human face, was discovered for the first time by the Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976. Capital of Qatar crossword clue It is located in Mars’ Cydonia area, and at one time, it was believed to be the simple consequence of shadow play.

However, in 2001, when the Mars Global Surveyor of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) captured a photograph with considerably greater resolution, they discovered no face at all. The mysterious face turned revealed to be a Martian mesa, similar to an Earthly hill with a flat top. There was no extraterrestrial involvement!

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