Cooperat | The truth of “Fathi’s” disappearance and his departure for the Egyptian Pyramids is revealed by Al-Taawoun.

Middle East, says Riyadh.

Cooperat | Mustafa Fathi won’t be joining the squad this season owing to a difficulty with his inability to travel outside of Egypt since he didn’t finish his military duty, according to information provided by Al-Taawon Club management.

She also mentioned that she had reached an arrangement with a Brazilian player, whose contract would be made public and who would be registered as Fathi’s successor as soon as the formalities for his loan to the Egyptian team Pyramids were through.

In a lengthy press release, Al-Taawon stated: “The player left for Egypt after the conclusion of the previous season to enjoy his vacation and after the start of the 2023–2022 preseason camp. The player communicated with the management of the first team that he would not be able to join the camp on time due to some administrative procedures, and the player requested a period of a few days to finish these procedures and travel to the Netherlands.

Al-statement Taawon’s continued, “After the deadline passed, the club contacted the player, offered tickets, and advised him that he needed to attend the squad camp as soon as possible. At the time, the player claimed that his military duty prevented him from leaving Egypt.

Cooperat At that time, the club administration did everything it could to resolve the situation by getting in touch with the Saudi Football Association, the Ministry of Sports, and the highest echelons of Egyptian sport. The Egyptian brothers also made promises to Saudi sports officials that the player would eventually return to his club.

The Al-Taawon Club’s management clarified further: “But as the days went by, it was evident that things started to become more problematic. After consulting the club’s legal counsel, the management came to the conclusion that loaning the player and reaping the financial rewards would be the best way to safeguard the club’s legal rights.

The club’s legal counsel also confirmed that he would refrain from speaking to the media at the time in order to protect the club’s legal rights.

The Cooperation Department added the following in its statement regarding the reasons for the holdup in finalising Fathi’s transfer to an Egyptian club: “Because the Egyptian League did not end until August 30, the day that coincides with the start of the opening of the transfer window in Egypt, no agreement was reached with anyone.

Only one day remain for the Saudi Arabian transfer window to close on August 30 for Egyptian clubs.

The Cooperation Department stated that it had an agreement with a Brazilian player to replace Fathi; she added: “At the same time, the club had terminated the agreement with a Brazilian substitute player and with his club on all the details a few days ago, and is only waiting for the completion of the loan procedures for the player, Mustafa Fathi, so that we can register the substitute player; However, due to the Egyptian club’s delay in registering the player Mostafa Fathi, Egypt’s Mustafa Fathi, which is still operational.

Cooperat “The club subsequently made a deal with another Egyptian team, Pyramids Club, to loan the player with the option to purchase in exchange for a beneficial material value for the club,” the joint statement continued. After an agreement is established between the player’s club and the Tala’a Al-Jaish club, the mechanism that permits the player to travel if his name is only registered in one of the Egyptian clubs prevents Sister Egypt from doing so.

“With this, we assure everyone that all the steps taken by the club’s management are taken in accordance with the routine procedures that are carried out through the legal administration and the club’s legal advisor in order to avoid any damage that the club may lose its rights,” the management of Al-Taawun Club said in its statement.

The club administration expressed its gratitude and appreciation to Yasser Al-Mashal, president of the Saudi Federation, and Prince Abdul Al-Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, minister of sports, for their discussions and attempts to find a solution, according to the statement.

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