Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia unveils $37.7 billion Savvy Games Group plan

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia unveils $37.7 billion Savvy Games Group plan | RIYADH: The Savvy Games Group’s plan, which calls for investments of SR142 billion ($37.7 billion) over four initiatives, was presented by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia stated that “Savvy Games Group is one of our bold strategies seeking to make Saudi Arabia the ideal worldwide powerhouse for the games and esports business by 2030.”
In order to diversify our economy, promote industry innovation, and expand the availability of entertainment and esports competitions throughout the Kingdom, he continued, “We are harnessing the untapped potential across the esports and games sector.”

Savvy’s strategy is to drive growth by investing in the videogame industry and esports with a distinctive long-term investment horizon and long-dated capital, expanding opportunities for participation and fortifying partnerships in the games industry, as well as enhancing the user experience. Savvy is fully owned by the Public Investment Fund.

The Savvy Games Group will invest in a number of local and international programmes and infrastructure in order to provide training, education, and entrepreneurial possibilities. This will enable and support the newly announced national gaming and esports strategy.

Additionally, it is anticipated that it will draw foreign businesses to Saudi Arabia through partnerships and investments that will help the ecosystem as a whole by fostering skill-sharing, knowledge-transfer, and capability-building.

Additionally, it will bring 250 gaming firms to the Kingdom, resulting in the creation of 39,000 new employment and an SR50 billion increase in the sector’s GDP contribution by 2030.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Four major pillars will support Savvy’s investments: enhancing returns, local impact, leaving a global footprint, and expanding, which will encourage international game investment, produce sustainable returns, and empower creators throughout the entire value chain.

In order to become the preeminent global centre for gaming and esports, Savvy will catalyse Saudi Arabia’s unique geographic position and accelerate talent in the Kingdom.

The group is planning to invest SR142 billion across four programmes, each with a distinct goal, as part of its investment strategy. A budget of about SR50 billion has been set aside for the purchase and growth of a renowned game publisher in order for them to become a strategic development partner.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Savvy will invest an additional SR70 billion in a series of minority stake investments in important businesses that support its game development agenda, SR2 billion in diversified investments in industry disruptors to grow early-stage game and esports companies, and SR20 billion in mature industry partners who enhance Savvy’s portfolio with their knowledge and experience.

The five separate companies of Savvy that are dedicated to certain industries and ecosystem growth will implement this plan.

These five businesses together make up Savvy’s esports division, EFG, which was established after Savvy had purchased the ESL and FACEIT organisations. EFG brings together the strengths of ESL in creating, broadcasting, and commercialising premium content with FACEIT’s skills as a best-in-class online platform to create a large portion of the global competitive gaming ecosystem.

Through the provision of a proper infrastructure, the provision of talent and participation possibilities, the provision of funding and consultancy assistance, and the promotion of talent, Nine66 is creating an ecosystem for game creators and studios to flourish. The business also provides publishing services in the Middle East markets, enabling foreign developers to do business there.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Building a series of high-quality venues that take into account the health and care of all players is a step that is the first of its kind globally. This is done by providing healthy food, a welcoming social environment, and encouraging players to adopt a healthy lifestyle. VOV Company, which specialises in building gaming and competition venues, aims to develop skills and provide a healthy environment for players.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia As part of its efforts to grow regionally and internationally, VOV inaugurated the first of its venues in May. There are now three planned locations that will open soon.The firm will also provide training and mentoring programmes for young gamers who want to enter the competitive esports market.

The firm will also set up the first global games studio, which will debut in Saudi Arabia and provide a variety of games to fans throughout the world.

Mid-core games, which are more sophisticated and demand a greater time commitment from the player, will be the focus of specialised teams. Hyper-casual items will be produced, and the Savvy Group will work to bring studios and games under its wing by utilising purchase prospects in the Kingdom and other markets.

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