Cyclic | 32 goals and the biggest win were scored at the conclusion of the Women’s Premier League’s first round.

Cyclic | The unusual derby between Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly, which took place at the Gymnasium Stadium in King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, finished on Saturday evening with a score of (3-1) in favour of Al-Ittihad, bringing an end to the first round of the Women’s Premier League.

Asrar Al-Shaibani, Lana Abdel-Razek, and Saba Tawfik scored goals for Al-Ittihad while Sarah Fawzy scored for Al-Ahly.

The Iraqi footballer Shawkhan Salehi (Super Hat-trick) scored four goals for Al Hilal against Al Shabab last Friday, while Al Yamamah triumphed over Shala Al Sharqiah by a score of three goals to one.

And the Al-Nasr players shocked everyone by scoring 18 clean goals against the Sama squad in the Premier League opener last Thursday at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.

The remaining goals were scored by Munira Al-Hamdan, Ghada Hammadi, Ghadeer Salem, Aseel Ahmed, Samia Al-Awni, and Yasmine Al-Jifani. Mubaraka Al-Sa’iri also scored a hat-trick (goal).

The Women’s Premier League will begin its second round on Friday, facing Al-Ahly and Sama at the Gymnasium Stadium in King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah at 7:15 and Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab at Al-Nasr Stadium at 7:15.

Former Al-Taei and Al-Hilal goalie Muhammad Al-Deayea declared his strong belief that Al-Zaeem would win the Saudi Professional League championship this year Cyclic while simultaneously exposing the star of the Al-Taei and Al-Hilal encounter in the eighth round.

In remarks to the SBC Saudi Stadium programme, Muhammad Al-Deayea said: “My heart is steadfast and certain that Al Hilal will win the league title this season, like prior seasons.”

After the match between Al-Taei and Al-Hilal, he said, “I neither rejoiced nor wept.” “And as I said before the game, whoever wins, I congratulate him, and whoever loses, I say to him Hardlek. And this excitement, and the fact that the game was enjoyable, and Praja, the goalkeeper of Al-Taei, I consider him the star of the game.”

“Al-Hilal deserved the win owing to its strong start and what it did in the first half, Cyclic and Al-Taei did not play as predicted in the first half and attended in one opportunity because to Al-error,” Mayouf’s Al-Deayea stated.

The best Al-Hilal player in the Al-Taie match, in my opinion, is Brazilian Michel, he said. Cyclic He participated fully in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game, scoring one goal and setting up another.”

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