Dawood Jalajel kicks the bucket at 75

Dawood Jalajel The Jordanian Ministry of Culture reported the passing of entertainer Daoud Jalajel at 75 years old,
noticing that the late one of the most unmistakable countenances of TV show during the beyond forty
The Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar said for her with the Twitter application: “We are disheartened
by the death of our companion, craftsman Daoud Jalajel,

Brightness of Jordanian show

who has for some time been related in our memory with the brightness of Jordanian show and its credible stories. Despite the fact that he was gone, he left many brilliant spaces in the walk of Jordanian and Arab workmanship.” trailblazer age
Daoud Jalajel is quite possibly of the most splendid Jordanian star in show and theater, and one of the
establishing trailblazers of the sensational development in the sixties

and a functioning presence in the Jordanian show scene, as per the Ministry of Culture.
his works

town of Silwan in Jerusalem

Jalajel was brought into the world in the town of Silwan in Jerusalem in 1947 and started his imaginative
profession right on time,

as he partook in a true to life experience in 1969 with chief Abdul Wahab Al-Hindi, which didn’t accomplish the ideal reverberation, to concentrate the vast majority of his endeavors
in theater and TV.
Among the most popular series introduced by (Bilqis), (The Spear and the Rock), (Jelwa Rakan), (The
Departure), (Hanaya Al-Ghaith), (Niran Al-Bawadi), (The Night Winds), (Turfa Bin Al-Abed) and (Nouf) ) as
well as the humorous series (The Science is Nour) about the significance of instruction.

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