Feathers Movie by Omar El-Zohairy

Feathers Movie Omar El-Zohairy‘s introduction Egyptian work, “Plumes,” was both praised and assailed. Notwithstanding its enormous win at Cannes Critics Week with a Grand Prize and the Best Arab Narrative Film prize at the new El Gouna Film Festival, it was seen as hostile to the country by some. A few Egyptian chiefs and entertainers, including SherifMounir, Ahmed Rizk and Ashraf Abdel Baqi, left the screening last week, guaranteeing it depicted Egypt in a negative light.

Nevertheless, “Quills” is an absurdist dramatization that presents an upsetting mixed drink of wizardry, secret and franticness, winding around its plot through intensely scanty edges. An account of a compliant spouse (Demyana Nassar) and a terribly tyrannical husband (Samy Bassiouny) with three extremely little youngsters, she is depicted as stifled and subjugated.

Lazy with the eventual result of looking horrendously despondent, she faintly shines when he chooses to put together an enchanted show to commend his child’s fourth birthday celebration. It closes in a debacle when the entertainer transforms the spouse into a chicken, however neglects to change him back to his unique self.

The spouse is left with a bird that she feeds and medical attendants. It is solely after her extremely difficult inquiry to find the performer, meanwhile attempting to acquire a wage to purchase nourishment for her family, that the chief gives us access to an awful truth and its repercussions.

Like solemn, straight-confronted Finnish boss Aki Kaurismaki’s work, “Quills” is shot in grays and dull lighting. The apparent blend lays out the obvious truth of a lady who ultimately moves on from absolute resignation to astounding predominance.

The dreary looking structures, the uncovered pipelines and the family’s exposed and dirty home, shot with sharp camerawork by Kamal Samy, add to the sheer weakness of the spouse. In any case, the content is immersing, with a story that is dim, concealing a mind blowing snippet of data, which when it comes will rattle you.

The film fills in as a merciless gander at man controlled society, however this is taken care of with commendable limitation in the screenplay, co-composed by El-Zohairy and Ahmed Amer. With the lady’s mentality changing so inconspicuously, the show underplays the peak. It isn’t exactly about retribution yet about finding one’s self esteem.

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