FIFA World Cup games will be viewable in a “one-of-a-kind” way at DIFC’s new Football Park.

FIFA World Cup | Dedicated concierge services, a la carte dining options, chauffeured transportation, and the chance to watch sporting events with a famous person or former football star are all available to guests.

FIFA World Cup Games

In order to provide sports fans in the UAE with the “ideal” watching experience of FIFA 2022 events, which will be played in Qatar from November 20 through December 20, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) has opened The Football Park.

Visitors may watch matches in the Football Park, which is on the podium level of Gate Avenue, so they won’t miss any of the exciting athletic action. Additionally, pre-booked visitors will have access to the unique outdoor hospitality area, where they may select from a variety of food and beverage (F&B) options, including dishes from restaurants included in the Michelin Guide Dubai.

Art Dubai Group, a commercial public-private partnership that owns and runs cultural events and provides industry expertise to private and governmental institutions, and Hoko Agency, which owns and runs a variety of businesses in the entertainment, sport, and F&B industries, are organising the experience.

The games will be televised in public spaces, and football fans can stop by at any moment to watch the games on outside huge screens. Visitors may take part in and enjoy a variety of games, activities, and events during the tournament.

“As a major urban destination, we are happy to host The Football Park in partnership with the Art Dubai Group and Hoko Agency for 2022 fifa world cup games, who are both well known for their programming and hospitality services,” said Saleh Al Akrabi, CEO of DIFC Property Management.

We are thrilled to offer tourists and corporate guests the chance to take part in and see the greatest football competition in the world through this event. Together with our partners, we’ll make sure The Football Park experience lives up to the legacy of the game. The goal is to make this event the greatest substitute for being there in person.

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