Five Things to Do in Qatar in 2022 During the FIFA World Cup

Things to Do in Qatar Like other Middle Eastern locations, Qatar might not immediately spring to mind as a holiday spot. In reality, on my first morning in Doha, I hear from several individuals that the city is frequently used as a “stopover” by travelers.

I respond, “I don’t see it.” It’s undoubtedly a place to visit since there is just the right mix of activity, metropolitan culture, beaches, and yet a sense of peace while life goes on.

As the first nation to host the FIFA World Cup, Qatar has done all possible to ensure that there would be enough to do and see outside of football. Therefore, if you have already purchased your tickets for the games and are now searching Google for things to do in Qatar, your search is over.

We have you covered for everything from where to stay and dine to what to do and see.

Stay in posh accommodations

Things to Do in Qatar I step outside onto my Ritz-Carlton Doha balcony to see the city’s skyline. During the day, the Arabian Gulf’s breathtaking blue hues will steal your breath away, while at night, the city will be illuminated by brilliant lights. Choose from one of the hotel’s rooms or suites with a view of the city, the sea, or the pool if this opulent facility is deemed appropriate for a relaxing stay.

If you want to make sure there is a comfortable option to return to when you don’t want to investigate food, consider staying at The St. Regis Doha, which features the modern Chinese restaurant Hakkasan.

Le Royal Méridien Doha in Lusail is one of several new hotels that debuted this year; it has 377 rooms and all the luxuries that a hotel can provide. Things to Do in Qatar I told you they haven’t left any stone unturned.

Additionally, Fairmont Doha, Raffles Doha, and Andaz Doha are said to be opening shortly near the Katara Towers, although as of the time of writing, Things to Do in Qatar none of these hotels were accessible to the general public.

Get Your Rush of Adrenaline

Things to Do in Qatar Did you know that the wind in Qatar is good for kiteboarding? I mean, I didn’t, and then I find myself at the Fuwairit Kite Surfing Beach Resort, the first of its type in Qatar, witnessing a kitesurfer having the time of his life. While kitesurfing is the resort’s main wk schedule attraction, you can also try turtle hatching, paddle boarding, and other water activities. It is located an hour and 20 minutes north of Doha by car.

Umm Bab, commonly known as Palm Tree Beach, is a terrific place to camp if that’s your idea of fun. It’s located on Qatar’s western coast. You may swim, stay, and take in a starry night here. In Khor Al Udaid, there are trips that will take you across the enormous lengths of sand dunes.

Since most matches are in the evening, this is a great way to utilise your day (pick a tour; doing it by yourself is not recommended).

Things to Do in Qatar Interested in slides and rides? You are intended for Qatar’s Desert Falls Water And Adventure Park. One of the biggest theme parks in the Middle East is Salwa Beach’s massive 57,000 square meter park, which has over 56 rides and 18 attractions for both kids and adults.

Go racing on the desert’s street track or try the region’s first artificial canyoning experience (also only the third of its kind in the world). Here, with your friends, you may simply spend an unbeatable break day indoors or outdoors.

Eat and Discover

Things to Do in Qatar Traditional Arabic food, which includes meats grills, rice, and spices, is produced in Qatar. However, Doha offers a balanced selection of regional specialties as well as international cuisines. I sample some local cuisine and get a sneak preview of international eateries.

Let’s start in Souq Waqif, a fusion of cuisines from throughout the world. You really don’t need to repeat a cuisine for any meal because the souq (market) offers everything from Ethiopian, Things to Do in Qatar Turkish, and Georgian alternatives to Iraqi, Pakistani, and European options.

I find Nakhchivan by accident and choose to eat there for supper because it serves Azerbaijani food.

Things to Do in Qatar The Qutab with cheese, an Azerbaijani-style lavash filled with hard cheese and herbs, will be soft, hot, and a little heavy, but it’s worth it for a hot appetizer.

The shah pilaf, which consists of cooked rice with lamb served in a lavash-lined dish and topped with dried apricot, raisin, hazelnuts, or chestnuts, is the star of the show here. The pilaf is then baked with the lavash covering it, and then it is divided into pieces much like a cake.

This was traditionally done to indicate that the pilaf is the main course at a wedding ceremony, and it also makes sure the pilaf is hot and steaming. I come upon a dish that I had never heard of before and enjoy its history.

Examine culture and the arts

Things to Do in Qatar There is a lot to explore in Qatar’s offers for those who prefer to experience art and culture on foot. Visit Souq Waqif for a leisurely stroll and a cup of coffee and explore the market’s many stores, little businesses, and alleyways; I assure you that it is fascinating.

The falcon souq, home of Qatar’s national bird, is located along the same street. Here, you may view and even handle a falcon in addition to shopping for trinkets. Apart from trinkets, fridge magnets, and other typical tourist goods, Souq Waqif offers many vendors selling Qatari clothing, regional crafts, spices, fragrances, and chocolates.

Repeat: Unwind, calm down

Things to Do in Qatar As seen by the numerous wellness resorts and villas created specifically for luxurious TLC, Qatar has significantly increased its luxury wellness quotient. In fact, if you decide to follow my advice and stay at the Ritz-Carlton, the spa qatar time to us time there offers a specialty treatment called the Desert Cooler that employs chilly aromatherapy mixes to help you cope with the heat of Qatar.

Visit Sharq Village & Spa if you want to go all out for well-being. The resort’s four spa zones and 23 treatment rooms were each inspired by a different aspect of regional tradition.Things to Do in Qatar Add to it a separate space specifically for the women as well as the sauna and hammam rooms.

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