Future skips the first of August with a win on penalty kicks

Future | After defeating the Angolan first August squad on penalties in the game that took place at Al-Ahly Wei Al Salam Stadium as part of the 32nd round of the Confederation Cup, the Future team was able to advance to the group stage.

After the play ended in its original time with a positive draw and a goal for each team, the Future team was able to win the contest 3-2 on penalties over the first August squad.

The outcome of the next match versus August 1

Chibamba, who got the ball inside the penalty area unsupervised by the defenders, hit the ball to pass to the right of Jensh and into the goal in the 45th minute to score the game’s goal. The visitors scored a goal without an answer to conclude the first half, moving ahead of the hosts.

The Future team’s goalie Gnesh made a spectacular stop after Milano Dala, who had entered the penalty area from the left side, was tackled by him in another ball.

In August, the Future team attempted to unsettle the first team’s goalie on many occasions, but the visiting side’s defensive line stood in the way. Saad Samir attempted to shoot the ball from within the penalty area in the 82nd minute, but it missed the left post and traveled beyond the stadium. In the 86th minute, Ahmed Atef squandered a dangerous ball that came for the team Future in front of the goal.

Milono Dala, the first player of August, received the game’s first red cards in the 88th minute for a careless intervention on the opposition.

Omar Kamal, a player for Future, managed to tie the score in the 92nd minute of the game with a shot from the edge of the penalty area that found the back of the net to the right of the goalie. As a result, the game went to a penalty shootout from the penalty mark.

Future penalty shots as well as August 1

After two back-and-forth matches ended in a 2-2 deadlock between the two sides, the match was won by penalty kicks with a final score of 3-2.

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