H. Sheik Khalifa canister Zayed Al Nahyan

Sheik Khalifa was brought into the world in Al Ain. He has a place with the BaniYas clan. He accepted his school training in Al Ain at the city’s most memorable school worked by his dad. He was incredibly impacted by his dad the late Sheik Zayed container Sultan Al Nahyan.

Sheik Khalifa’s course of events

  • Turned into the agent of the leader of Abu Dhabi in the Eastern Province and the leader of its general set of laws in August 1966
  • Became Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi on 1 February 1969
  • Turned into the Prime Minister of Abu Dhabi and Minister of Defense and Finance on 1 July 1971
  • Became Deputy Prime Minister in the second UAE Federal Cabinet on 20 January 1974
  • Became Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces in 1976
  • Became President of the UAE and leader of Abu Dhabi on 3 November 2004

Birth and ancestral beginnings

Sheik Khalifa was brought into the world in Al Muwaiji Fort in Al Ain in 1948. His complete name is Khalifa receptacle Zayed canister Sultan container Zayed container Khalifa receptacle Shakhbout container Theyab receptacle Issa canister Nahyan receptacle Falah container Yas. He is the oldest child of the late Sheik Zayed receptacle Sultan Al Nahyan. His mom is SheikhaHessabint Mohammed receptacle Khalifa canister Zayed Al Nahyan.

Al Muwaiji town was a focal point of impact for the Al buFalah subsection of the BaniYas ancestral confederation and the Al Nahyan controlling family.

Additionally, Sheik Khalifa has a place with the clan of BaniYas. BaniYas is viewed as the mother clan for a large portion of the Arab clans that got comfortable with what is referred to now as the United Arab Emirates, which is generally known as ‘BaniYas Alliance’.

Early years

Sheik Khalifa lived with his family at Al Muwaiji Fort in Al Ain city. He accepted his school training in Al Ain at the city’s most memorable school worked by his dad.

Moreover, Sheik Khalifa burned through the majority of his life as a youngster in the desert gardens of Al Ain and Al Buraimi with the organization of his dad who administered the Al Ain district around then.

The start of the administration venture

At the point when late Sheik Zayed moved to Abu Dhabi city to turn into the Ruler of the emirate in August 1966, he designated Sheik Khalifa – who was 18 around then – as his agent in the Eastern Province and the President of its overall set of laws. This assignment of power was viewed as a sign of the great certainty Sheik Zayed had in his childhood.

Sheik Khalifa continued in the strides of his dad and proceeded with the execution of significant advancement projects in the Eastern Province, particularly those intended to further develop farming. His remarkable outcome in Al Ain was the start of a long vocation in broad daylight administration that saw Sheik Khalifa expect his influential position easily and ability, checking significant achievements and accomplishments.

During the next years, Sheik Khalifa held various significant posts. He turned into the chief head of his late dad’s Government, supervising, both on the neighborhood and administrative levels, the execution of every significant undertaking.

On 1 February 1969, Sheik Khalifa was designated as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, on the following day, he was selected as the Head of the Department of Defense in Abu Dhabi.

He directed the setting up of the Abu Dhabi Defense Force (ADDF), which later turned into the core of the UAE Armed Forces.

On 1 July 1971, as a component of the rebuilding of the public authority of the emirate, he was named the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Minister of Defense and Finance.

On 23 December 1973, Sheik Khalifa expected the post of Deputy Prime Minister in the subsequent Cabinet.

Right away a short time later, on 20 January 1974, he was selected as the primary Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, which supplanted the emirate’s neighborhood bureau.

Under the heading of Sheik Khalifa, the Executive Council administered the acknowledgment of broad improvement programs in Abu Dhabi, including the development of lodging, water supply framework, streets, and general foundation that prompted the rise of the city of Abu Dhabi into the advanced city that it is today.

Sheik Khalifa was additionally responsible for laying out Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in 1976. This authority deals with the monetary ventures of the emirate to guarantee a steady type of revenue for a long time into the future.

He was chosen for administration on 3 November 2004 after the demise of his dad, the late Sheik Zayed container Sultan Al Nahyan who died on 2 November 2004.

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