Qatar no longer requires a Hayya card to enter the World Cup for Gulf citizens.

With the removal of the Hayya card admission restriction for Gulf nationals and residents, thousands of supporters without tickets will now be able to enjoy the last World Cup match.

As on December 6, non-ticket holders will no longer need to get a Hayya card to enter the country, according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

For the remainder of the World Cup, new regulations will apply.

The decision is expected to result in an increase in last-minute travel to Doha for events like this weekend’s England vs. France match.

Even though the finals’ tickets were long since sold out, many spectators from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities are anticipated to want to experience the atmosphere on Sunday, December 18.

The Hayya card system is still essential for spectators who have tickets in order to stop unauthorised access into stadiums.
Driving from Dubai or Abu Dhabi Starting on December 8, GCC nationals and residents who want to drive to Qatar will be able to enter without a Hayya card.

To do this, you must submit an online application for a vehicle entrance permission to the Ministry of Interior of Qatar 12 hours before the crossing.

According to authorities, there are no costs to pay.

There is still the opportunity for fans to cross land borders, park their car in a specified spot on the Saudi side, and then take buses to Doha. On that, we have a thorough guide here.
The ministry issued a statement saying, “This measure is in accordance with the country’s efforts to allow people and residents to enjoy the World Cup’s environment.”

Dispositions for non-Gulf residents
Those who want to travel to Qatar for the World Cup or who don’t have a Gulf residence visa must still have a Hayya card, which serves as an entrance visa.

Fans may now enter Qatar even if they do not plan to or are unable to attend a game according to new entrance regulations that were implemented last Friday, just in time for the start of the competition’s knockout rounds the following day.

For instance, a traveller visiting Dubai would still need to submit an application via the Hayya website or the Hayya to Qatar 2022 mobile app for a price of Dh500 ($136).

Fans without tickets must apply using the Hayya option for “Early December” and must show confirmation that they have made hotel reservations in Qatar. You may accomplish this at

At one of two Hayya service centres, located at Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena and Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre, fans can pick up a physical copy of their digital Hayya card. Only one copy of the Hayya card may be printed.

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