Her significant other established a camera without her insight.. Subtleties of the capture of a Tunisian entertainer on charges of infidelity

A weird story saw by the Tunisian creative local area during the previous hours, after the insight about the capture of entertainer Reem Riahi, after a trap by her better half, a notable chief, with her sweetheart in her loft spread.

News spread during the previous hours about the capture of a notable Tunisian entertainer after her significant other got her with her sweetheart

Assistance of the police

and arranged a trap for her with the assistance of the police while she was with someone else.

Hours after the fact, the Tunisian security specialists uncovered that the entertainer’s significant other, a Tunisian chief,

lives in France, so hypothesis expanded about Reem Riahi, who is hitched to Madih Belaid.

Reem Al-Riyahi’s

The coursing accounts about the occurrence uncovered that Reem Al-Riyahi’s better half established a reconnaissance camera inside the conjugal loft situated in the Nasr area,

north of the focal point of the Tunisian capital, without his significant other’s information, and in the wake of emptying the camera,

it was found that his significant other entered the organization of a young fellow he didn’t have the foggiest idea.

Madih Belaid is a Tunisian chief

Madih Belaid is a Tunisian chief who lives in France, and it was accounted for that he dropped the claim against his significant other hours after her capture, yet her destiny became in the possession of the Public Prosecution, as per Tunisian sites, after she was captured last Monday.

Reem Riahi is a notable Tunisian entertainer, known for introducing shows in Ramadan programs, and was known for her magnificence.

Reem Al-Riyahi introduced series, including Al-Akaber, Money and Hope, Ghalia and Hakam Al-Ayyam, while her last work, which was as of late delivered, was the series Bara’a.

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