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Exorbitant, illegal pay for those hired to construct infrastructure for the World Cup


According to Human Rights Watch, many migrant workers paid extortionate and unlawful recruiting feeshome service qatar to enable Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. FIFA and the Qatari government have not yet agreed to establish a fund to compensate migrant workers for significant violations, many of whom are now deeply in debt as a result of having to pay these fees.

The 2022 World Cup has been marred by past injustices, and with only 30 days to the event, there is little time for FIFA and the Qatari government to turn things around. This is according to Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

Migrant workers said they had used family funds, high-interest loans, and asset sales to pay for expensive recruiting expenses.

Many employees became enslaved by debt and were unable to leave their jobs, making them more susceptible to mistreatment home service qatar and liable to harsher punishments if they didn’t show up for work. According to international labour rules, debt bondage is a type of forced labour.

The prevalence of recruitment fees, which frequently take months or even years of wages to pay even though they are forbidden in Qatar, home service qatar has been revealed by previous investigations and research, including work done on behalf of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar, the organisation in charge of planning and constructing World Cup infrastructure.


In addition to other standards intended to promote worker welfare, the Supreme Committee imposed the Workers’ Welfare Standards on all businesses contracted to work on their projects in 2014.

These standards call for contractors to make sure that workers are not charged any fees and are reimbursed if they are. However, a 2021 audit of Supreme Committee projects revealed that 68% of employees paid average recruiting costs of US$1,333.

The Supreme Committee established the Universal Reimbursement Scheme in 2017, which mandates that a contractor either demonstrate that employees did not pay any fees or compensate the employee. Out of the pledged QAR 103.95 million ($28.4 million), QAR 83.20 million (US$21.96 million) had been paid as of December 2021.

Even among the contractors that manage Supreme Committee-affiliated projects, this initiative—while promising—is not required. Less than 50,000 employees are covered, home service qatar a small portion of the millions of foreign workers that are need to host the 2022 World Cup.

As part of a larger effort to address labour abuses, the government of Qatar need to think about expanding the programme.

Human Rights Watch found that in some instances, families were left to cope with loan sharks who insisted on collecting the debts that their loved ones home service qatar who had passed away owed. The father of a migrant worker who passed away in Qatar in 2022, Bulani Sahani, struggled to care for his grandkids due to his son’s debt from recruiting fees:

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