qatar dubai | How to get your car back after the World Cup in Qatar and go to Dubai

Will you be travelling to Qatar for the World Cup? This is how to return to Dubai.

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, the opening hours of Qatar’s parking lots will be a crucial component of your travel preparation. qatar dubai Ticket to your preferred team’s game? Check. How will you get to the stadium? Check. returning once more? Hmm.

We at Time Out have you covered, so don’t worry. You may believe that your Qatar World Cup preparations qatar dubai are complete once you have secured your Hayya Card, purchased your tickets, and verified your method of transportation.

However, there are still many issues to resolve, not the least of which is how to return home. You must spend Dhs5,043 if you choose to travel by car into the nation from Dubai.

International supporters are advised to park their car there with a parking ticket and then take the Doha Metro or a public bus to the venue rather than driving themselves. There will be trains every 2.75 minutes during rush hour.

Hopefully, this will enable you to be at the venue in time to witness your team compete in the largest sporting event on earth.

But there are also a lot of important details you should be aware of after the game. After crossing the border, the Qatari authorities strongly advises against driving to events.

This is due to the transportation arrangements for the event as well as the various road closures and detours that have been put in place.

Hours for Qatar parking

If you prefer to drop your car off, there are just five Metro stations qatar dubai where you may park in the heart of Doha.

These are the stations:

Umm Ghuwailina Al Messila Al Qassar Al Wakra, Qatar University
However, parking will be limited, and there will likely be a lot of traffic, so it is encouraged that you arrive early.

What you need to know about Qatar’s parking lot hours

There is minimal parking for spectators if you opt not to use public transportation to the venue.qatar dubai These parking spaces are solely available to locals and residents, and it is anticipated that they will fill up quickly.

Four hours before to kickoff, they open.

However, it’s important to note that they shut an hour and a half after the last whistle, so if you do opt to park, make sure you don’t linger or you run the danger qatar dubai of being unable to retrieve your vehicle.

Nobody likes to witness the excitement of your team achieving that important victory and then not being able to pick up their automobile afterwards.

Only residents and locals are encouraged to choose this choice, qatar dubai so even if you’re determined to drive, think about getting a parking permit so you may take use of Qatar’s public transportation system.

How will you get home?

Holders of Hayya Cards, which are necessary to enter Qatar for the event in the first place, can travel in and out of the nation whenever they choose up to January 23.

So you may start driving to Dubai as you have your car back.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of Qatar has stated that more than 18,000 cabs will be available to reserve throughout the tournament if driving, utilising the Metro, tram, or bus service isn’t your cup of tea.

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