How to receive free Prime Gaming packs for fifa prime gaming 23 Ultimate Team and which packs are available?

Here is all the information you need to know about the free fifa prime gaming and stuff that fifa prime gaming members may get each month.

To provide FIFA 23 gamers with free packs and things they may claim, EA Sports has partnered with fifa prime gaming. Ultimate Team managers may get a free pack every month thanks to the Prime Gaming promotion, which the video game maker has been offering for a few years.

The October prize is now available, and it includes goods chosen to aid players in the game’s early stages. FIFA fans have had a few weeks to assemble strong teams since the game’s release on September 30, but these rewards ought to encourage more improvement.

The fifa prime gaming offer is explained in detail here, along with information on the packs that are included, how to get them, and how to become an Amazon Prime member.

What is the FIFA 23 Prime Gaming reward for October?

Players won’t be able to list any of the fifa prime gaming items chosen for the October reward on the transfer market in order to amass coins because they are all untradeable. Although no coins will be paid out, they may still be quickly traded. Here is the whole list:

7 Rare Gold Players

  • 2 player selections with at least an 81 OVR.
  • 12 times rare supplies
  • 1x Loan Item for Kylian Mbappe (5 Matches)

Just before the World Cup kicks up in November, the following prize will be made accessible.

How to acquire free fifa prime gaming packs

You need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to get free fifa prime gaming products. There are instructions at the end of this post if you are not already there. After signing up, go to and login in using your Amazon Prime credentials.

After completing that, you must link your EA account. The next time you play FIFA 23, your award should be put into your Ultimate Team account when you are instructed to click a button to claim it.

How to become an Amazon Prime member

fifa prime gaming Next-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Gaming are just a few of the perks accessible to Amazon Prime members. This is how you may register for the service.

Access now.
Select the “Prime” tab.
To begin your 30-day free trial, click the link.
Enter your payment information and adhere to the on-screen prompts.
After a free month, decide if you want to continue receiving the advantages.
Those who are using the trial version of Amazon Prime must terminate their subscription before the first payment date since it will automatically renew for £7.99 per month. The “my account” area of the Amazon website has all of this information.

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