I have two UID numbers; what should I do about my UAE visa?

UAE VISA | Because you have many “UID” numbers issued in your name, are you having trouble applying for your UAE residency visa? If so, the answer is rather straightforward.

Each Emirate’s immigration department issues visas to every expat who enters or resides in the UAE. This visa includes information such as a file number, issuing date, validity, and a “UID number,” among other things.

Among other aspects of the visa, the UID number is special since it is the only one that does not change even if you go from one type of visa to another. Therefore, all of those visas would typically have the same UID number on them if you had previously visited the UAE and then returned on a family visa or a work visa.

You could, however, occasionally receive more than one UID number issued in your name. What time does this occur? And what effects does having many UIDs have on you?

Here is everything you ought to know.

What is a UID number on UAE visa?

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security’s (ICP) databases contain the Unified Number (UID No.) listed on your visa. In 2010, the UID and the Emirates ID were both released.

It is a uniform six-digit number that does not change even if you switch between visas.

Why would I need to merge UID numbers?

People occasionally receive several UID numbers, according to Patricia Younes, Client Relationship Manager at Business Incorporation Zone.

“People who visit the UAE occasionally receive more than one UID number, either because they travelled via several airports or because they had entrance permits for various visits to the UAE, each of which had a unique UID number,” she added.

“Issuance of a resident visa may be problematic if a person has many UID numbers. Multiple UID numbers might be the reason their visa application is rejected, she noted.

How do I merge UID numbers?

Contact the Emirate’s immigration office or a service provider that is authorised to offer the merging service to submit an application.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Dubai), an Amer centre, or a recognised service provider like a typing centre would be where you would apply for the service in Dubai.

Visit a typing centre that is authorised by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security to apply for the service in other Emirates (ICP).

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