Ibn Samir Sabri real or fake? The prosecution resolves the matter!

Due to genetics media, a quarrel erupted amongst the late artist’s family. The prosecution in southern Cairo has made a decision about the presence of the late artist Samir Sabri son, who passed away on May 22 of last year.

hypothetical son

When Ayman Ibrahim Mostafa Kamel, the grandson of the late artist Samir Sabri uncle, asked for a “inheritance information” for the deceased, the South Cairo Public Prosecution Office for Family Affairs issued a death and inheritance certificate.

According to the prosecution, Samir Sabri heirs are just his cousins’ children: Ramzi Othman Ibrahim Qadri, Ibrahim Othman Ibrahim Qadri, Sherif Ibrahim Mustafa Kamel, and Muhammad Abdel Moneim Taher.

These five people are listed as Samir Sabri lawful heirs on his death certificate and inheritance deed, with no other heirs listed. The shares are divided as follows, with the sons of a cousin of two parents receiving an equal portion of the inheritance.

As a result, the prosecution has put a stop to the rumours that were spreading that the late Samir Sabri had a son living overseas, which were refuted by the inheritance document and death certificate.

Conflicts between relatives

After alerting the inheritors and revealing the identities of the legal heirs, a source close to the late artist said that there was a disagreement between his family.

And the source said, in a statement to the publication “Cairo 24,” that the late transferred his remaining assets to his aunts Nelly and Laila with a formal power of attorney three months before to his passing. Throughout his childhood, he never interacted with his five cousins; instead, he barred them from his home since he didn’t know them.

The source added: “When his cousins heard that Samir Sabri had donated his assets and property after passing away. They made the decision to wage war against Nelly and Laila, and right now there is a lot of conflict between them, especially since the court revealed the inheritance details.

The late artist’s will

The insider further disclosed that Samir Sabri advised him to donate his belongings to the Ministry of Culture before he passed away. Samir Sabri assets were in fact restricted by the Ministry of Culture, under the direction of “Neven Al-Kilani,” so that the film industry would profit from them.

Regarding the late artist’s possessions, Samir Sabri business manager claimed in a statement to the same publication that she had entirely abdicated her duty.

“It is actually a hereditary media that arose,” Maggie, Samir Sabri business manager, said. “The offspring of the late uncle. None of them are known to us. We spent 10 years with the deceased, but he never received a biography about them, and neither did we ever meet any relatives on the father’s side. Not even in the midst of his illness, not even during a hospital phone conversation.

We are only aware of the deceased’s mother’s side relatives since he was present with them, the woman continued. They are the ones who have cared for him throughout his life, even when he was well. He is always with them on special events and throughout the holidays, and they constantly converse.

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