7 gigaprojects are revolutionising the building industry in the country for the 92nd Saudi National Day.

In honour of 92nd Saudi National Day, we listed 7 megaprojects that are actively altering the country’s construction industry.

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen a fresh round of change. The kingdom’s economic, social, and cultural environment significantly changed when the ambitious Vision 2030 plan was unveiled in 2016.

92nd Saudi National Day. The country’s gigaprojects have a lot to do with the fact that Saudi Arabia is now making substantial progress toward the completion of its Vision 2030 ambitions, which are only eight years away.
Construction Week Middle East has listed seven gigaprojects that are actively changing the construction scene in the country via innovation, sustainability, or strategic placement in honour of Saudi Arabia’s 92nd National Day.

These large-scale initiatives will improve Saudi Arabia’s standing by showcasing the country’s geographic riches, cultural history, hospitality, economic goals, and objectives for economic conservation with the aid of the Public Investment Fund (PIF).


NEOM is Saudi Arabia’s premier commercial and tourism development on the Red Sea coast, and it was first announced by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017. A key component of Vision 2030 is a $500 billion development that will comprise smart cities and towns, ports and business districts, research facilities, sports and entertainment venues, and tourism attractions.

92nd Saudi National Day. Three of NEOM’s projects have been unveiled: THE LINE, the city’s newest 200m wide, 170km long, and 500m tall vertical city; TROJENA, a worldwide mountain tourism destination that will provide the Arabian Gulf’s first outdoor skiing; and OXAGON, a redesigned manufacturing and innovation city.

To demonstrate how closely connected humans are to nature, the city will maintain 95% of the surrounding natural area. Solar, wind, and hydrogen-based power generation will provide all of the energy in NEOM, guaranteeing a carbon-positive, zero-emission environment.

The Red Sea Initiative

The Red Sea Project, a luxurious resort destination spread among islands in a lagoon, will be placed along the western coast of the kingdom. The area will include miles of desert, mountains, and an archipelago of more than 90 beautiful islands.

92nd Saudi National Day. The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) will provide direction for the project’s components and will work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, trash generation, light pollution, and noise pollution in order to keep the destination at a level comparable to a Marine Protected Area.

The Red Sea Project will have 50 resorts, with up to 8,000 hotel rooms, and more than 1,000 residential units spread among 22 island resorts when it is finished in 2030.


The AlUla project is one of several large-scale initiatives the Saudi government launched to modernise the kingdom and diversify its economy. It also aims to increase Saudi Arabia’s visibility abroad.

92nd Saudi National Day. With significant expenditures, the AlUla project will create an archaeological, cultural, and tourism complex with the goal of designating the area as the cultural centre of Saudi Arabia.

AlUla also aspires to become a model project for sustainable development, centred on the preservation of the environment, respectful of history, and inclusive of local inhabitants, in line with the wishes of Saudi Arabia and France.

Gate of Diriyah

A 7km2 mixed-use lifestyle destination, Diriyah is a $17 billion development project that will be developed into a popular tourist destination with roots in its rich historical culture and legacy.

92nd Saudi National Day. More than twenty luxurious and ultra-luxurious hospitality venues will be housed there, and it is influenced by both the concepts of contemporary urbanism and the old Najdi architecture typology.

The final destination will feature dwellings, educational institutions, offices, public squares, hotels, restaurants, retail experiences, and museums.


92nd Saudi National Day. The hub of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment, sports, and arts will be Qiddiya. Qiddiya, which is based in Riyadh, will help achieve a number of Vision 2030 objectives, such as promoting economic diversification, job creation, encouraging a start-up culture, promoting youth and female empowerment, and tripling household expenditure on domestic leisure and entertainment.

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