In the largest Jewish wedding in the Gulf, the UAE’s top Chabad rabbi was married.

Top Chabad rabbi was married | Levi Duchman, the Chief Rabbi of the United Arab Emirates, invited guests to his wedding to Lea Hadad so that everyone may celebrate the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords.

With 1,500 invited guests, the greatest Jewish wedding in the history of the Arabian Gulf took place on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirate.

The Abraham Accords, which were formally signed on September 15 in Washington, were commemorated by Rabbi Levi Duchman, the first rabbi to serve in the United Arab Emirates, and others at his wedding to Lea Hadad.

Israel repaired relations with the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan under the Accords’ framework.
Prior to the wedding ceremony, Duchman gave a speech in Yiddish, while a small choir sang Jewish music.

Muslim and Christian friends, as well as men wearing white robes and white head coverings and Muslim ladies donning beautiful scarves, were among the varied guest list’s attendees.

The participants were astounded by the developments that had occurred since the signing of the Accords two years ago. They pointed out that just three years ago, a ceremony of this nature would not have been conceivable.
Saoud Saqer, an Emirati engineer, remarked as he stood outside before the ceremony, which was held under a huge white tent on the grounds close to the Hilton Hotel, “The Abraham Accords have delivered a lot of miracles.”

One of those miracles, according to Sager, is the Abraham Accords, and having this wedding and a thousand individuals in attendance from many backgrounds and religions.
The Department of Culture and Tourism’s licencing director, Hamad al-Sudain, claimed to have brought his full team.

They worked to assist Duchman in obtaining licences for prayer services and other religious activities, so they were familiar with him.
Sudain explained how he had accidentally run into Duchman two weeks prior in London. Duchman informed him, “I’m getting married. I hope to run into you there,” Sudain remembered.

Rabbi Levi is a well-known person in the community, according to lawyer Tariq Abdunnatin. Given what transpired with the Abraham Accords and the UAE’s reputation as a liberal country, it is crucial that Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and members of all other faiths attend the wedding.

“The couple’s obligation to get hitched in Abu Dhabi exhibits their drawn out obligation to serving the UAE’s developing Jewish people group,” said a Jewish New Yorker who flew in for the event.

Rabbi Levi was brought into the world in Brooklyn and enjoyed two years in Morocco with his sister Chana and her loved ones. It was there that he was motivated to assist with developing Jewish life in the Middle Easterner world.

His dad, Rabbi Sholom Duchman, is the overseer of the Colel chabad, which was established in 1788 and is the most seasoned working cause in Israel.

Hadad is of Moroccan legacy and was brought up in Belgium. She is the girl of Boss Rabbi Menachem Hadad. Her granddad started the practice of messenger work when he set up the chabad local area in Milan.

“Rabbi Levi and Lea are an ideal couple,” said Alan Kay, a Jew from the UK who has lived in Abu Dhabi for a very long time.

“The way that they picked their union with occur in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, is demonstration of their obligation to the nation and to building the Jewish people group here.”

Who is the chief rabbi of the United Arab Emirates?

Duchman, 29, of Brooklyn, New York, has been in the UAE starting around 2014, attempting to fabricate the Jewish people group there, which has thrived over the most recent two years.

As per Chabad, Duchman has laid out “foundations and places of love across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including a Jewish school, Hebrew supplemental school, a mikveh [ritual bath] for the Jewish ceremony of cleaning, and the public authority authorized fit organization. He has likewise carried a few rabbis to the UAE to go along with him in serving the local area, and laid out a rabbinical preparation program for rabbinical understudies.”

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