Information about China support for Saudi Arabia “BRICS” membership

China support for Saudi Arabia | This year’s BRICS chair, China, stated that China actively supports the BRICS nations’ efforts to begin the membership enlargement process and elevates cooperation among the BRICS countries.

This occurred in response to a question from a reporter who said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had stated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s intention to join the BRICS group just a few days prior and during Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

The 14th meeting of the BRICS presidents, according to Wang Wenbin, was successful. At the gathering, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasised that the BRICS nations are not a closed club or a tiny circle of exclusion, but rather a large family looking over and supporting one another via win-win collaboration.

China support for Saudi Arabia He emphasised that during the conference, the presidents of the five nations came to a crucial agreement about BRICS expansion and supported the debate of the requirements and processes for BRICS expansion, which triggered positive responses from the rest of the world.

China encourages and welcomes the several nations who have shown a favourable willingness to join the BRICS China support for Saudi Arabia. The growth process will then be slowly advanced with the help of our BRICS allies, allowing additional like-minded partners to join this worthwhile endeavour.

BRIC was established in 2009 after a meeting involving China’s Hu Jintao, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, India’s Manmohan Singh, and Brazil’s Lula da Silva.

South Africa joined the other four nations in 2010, giving the acronym “BRICS” the initial letter of its name.

China support for Saudi Arabia These nations account for 25% of the global GDP, or $24.2 trillion, through their gross domestic product. It takes up around 26% of the planet’s surface.

India ($3.1 trillion), Brazil ($1.6 trillion), Russia ($1.7 trillion), and South Africa ($419 billion) are the other BRICS nations with the greatest GDPs, respectively. China ($17.7 trillion) is the largest.

The global banking organisation Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2050, the economies of the BRICS nations would be able to compete with those of the world’s richest nations.

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