is qatar in dubai | Driving to Qatar for the World Cup from the UAE?

The interior ministry stated that vehicles intending to enter is qatar in dubai without Qatari registration numbers must fulfil particular criteria and have special authorisation.

The cost of tickets has greatly grown as the date of the eagerly anticipated Fifa World Cup in Qatar approaches. Tickets to Qatar, which now cost is qatar in dubai around Dh960, will sometimes increase to above Dh6,000 during the World Cup.

Given this, a lot of football enthusiasts who have made this their base of operations are thinking of taking their cars to the Fifa World Cup matches.

However, from Tuesday, November 1 and Friday, December 23, only vehicles with Qatari registration numbers will be permitted enter the nation for day visits, according to the interior ministry of Qatar. Others who want to drive into the nation must adhere to strict guidelines and get special authorizations.

The push

The Abu Samra crossing on Salwa Road allows cars to enter Qatar. It will take 6 to 7 hours to travel the approximately 650 miles from Dubai to Doha. The journey from Abu Dhabi is just about 550 kilometres long and can be is qatar in dubai finished in less than 6 hours. The open border crossing can accommodate 4,000 travellers per hour and offers free parking.

Who may access

Previously, entry into the nation during the athletic event was restricted to those having match tickets. However, it was revealed last week that foreign supporters who have bought match tickets would be permitted to bring up to three visitors into Qatar, with or without tickets, to visit the fan zones. Although attendees must be at least 18 years old to purchase tickets, there is no restriction on the age of those who can be invited.

The licences

Four categories have been established for those going to Qatar:

One-day visitors:

Only those having Qatari licence plates are permitted to drive their automobiles into Qatar. This includes citizens, residents, and GCC nationalities. is qatar in dubai Others are required to book a border parking space where they can leave their car for free for 24 hours after crossing the border.

Shuttle buses will then take them to Doha Central Station or the Al Qalayel meeting location. For the second day that the vehicle is parked at the border, a service fee of QAR 1,000 is required. Beginning November 1, the parking reservation will be accessible.

Fans with special permission:

If they satisfy a series of standards, foreign visitors with match tickets may enter Qatar in their own private automobiles. The ticket holder must have made hotel reservations in Qatar for at least five nights, is qatar in dubai and the car can seat a maximum of six passengers. Using the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app, the tourist may apply for an entrance permit, which costs Dh5043, and is required to get car insurance as well.

Those attending the game by bus may choose to board a bus that will drop them off at the border crossing. The guest is required to have a Hayya card.

After going through the entrance processes, travellers may either utilise is qatar in dubai the shuttle bus to get to the Al Qalayel family and friends pickup area or take the free bus from the terminal to the Al Messila Metro Station in Doha.

Special situations:

Special humanitarian circumstances will be taken into consideration, notwithstanding the fact that all Qatari borders are closed to those who are not there for the World Cup. Application for the permission can be made through the Ministry of Home Affairs website, where it will be examined is qatar in dubai and responded to within six hours.

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