Kafr El-Sheikh have cleanup initiatives

Kafr El-Sheikh have cleanup initiatives | According to the instructions of Major General Jamal Nour El-Din, the governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, several cities in the governorate saw street cleaning, tree pruning, irrigation of gardens, afforestation, and waste clearance.

Issam Al-Qasif, the mayor of Hamoul’s centre and city, continued to take an interest in parks, city entrances, and daily cleaning projects in city streets. He cut and pruned trees and ornamental plants at the entrance to the city and in city squares, cleaned the main and side streets, cleaned around garbage cans, and raised and loaded daily-generated garbage, waste, and dust into landfills, public road cleaning.

In collaboration with the Electricity Department, amal Satour, head of the Bella Center and City, continued the work of pruning trees entangled with electricity wires on the “Bella-Al-Bayad” road and separating the wires from trees close to lighting poles in order to prepare for weather conditions during the winter season.

The Baltim Resort City’s head, Haitham Attia, saw the cleaning campaigns in the various parts of the city, which included eradicating weeds, all waste, and the daily output of trash from the major streets, internal streets, and squares.

Mr. Abdel Sattar, the director of the centre and city of Desouk, continued his cleaning efforts throughout the day by clearing all trash and debris from the city’s main and side streets and by watering, trimming, and pruning the trees that lined the roads and in public areas.

Jamal Yunus, the director of the Riyadh Center and City, continues to step up his efforts and projects to improve the city’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal by pruning, watering, and chopping trees.

In preparation for the conditions, Jamal Sator, head of the Bella Center and City, continued the work of trimming trees inside city streets and on roads, particularly the trees that were in the way of electricity wires on the “Bella – Al-Bayad” and Bella Abshan roads. The wires were separated from the trees next to the lighting poles. the wintertime climate

aitham Attia, head of the city of Baltim Resort, continued cleaning campaigns in the various areas of the city, which included raising the daily output of garbage from the main streets, internal streets and squares, removing weeds, raising all waste, intensifying work in all areas.

Removing waste firsthand, and Mr. Abdel Sattar, head of the center and city of Desouk continued. Cleaning works in the streets of the city throughout the day, removal of all waste and rubbish, irrigation and pruning of trees on both sides of roads and public squares.

Several cities in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate have been reforested via afforestation, tree cutting, irrigation of gardens, and the removal of trash from city streets, all on the orders of Mr. Major General Gamal Nour El-Din.

In order to prepare for the weather conditions during the winter season, Mr. Jamal Satour, Head of the Center and City of Pella, resumed the job of cutting trees entangled with electrical cables and lighting poles in collaboration with the Electricity Department.

Mr. Issam Al-Qasif, Head of the Hamoul Center and City, continued the process of maintaining parks, cleaning works, cutting and trimming trees in the squares, cleaning the major and subsidiary streets, emptying garbage bins, and cleaning the main highways.

The Desouk Center and City’s head, Mr. Abdel Sattar, also made sure that the trees in the main and side streets, as well as in the public squares, were cleaned, trimmed, and pruned.

The mayor of Baltim, Mr. Haitham Attia, proceeded by stressing the ongoing removal of rubbish, which included cleaning up the city’s major streets and squares.

Mr. Jamal Younes, Head of the Riyadh Center and City, oversaw the cleanup efforts, tree trimming and cutting, paving of the pump road, sanitation project in the hamlet of Abbasiya, and removal of debris from the international tributary in the Riyadh region.

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