Kuwait will reclaim its status in Sports in 2022.

In line with the Public Authority for Sports for Development’s 2022–2028 strategy and with the goal of achieving the purposeful partnership to develop Kuwaiti sports and make them a pioneer in all regional and international forums, 2022 will mark the year that Kuwait regains its position as a sports tournament host and regains the trust of many Arab, Asian, and West Asian federations.

The Kuwaiti federations and the clubs collaborated to implement the strategy, which called for hosting 45 regional, continental, international, and world tournaments and tournaments.

Gulf Sports

The third Gulf Olympic Games, which were held in May in 15 team and individual sports with full participation from the Gulf nations, were organised as the greatest event.


Following the Gulf Games, the West Asian Football Association gave Kuwait the task of organising the Futsal Cup, which featured eight teams and was played in the Al-Nasr Club hall. The Kuwaiti Blue won the competition, and as usual, the organisation performed flawlessly, earning praise from both the West Asian Federation and the delegations taking part in the competition.

Due to the Asian Football Confederation’s policy of using a pool system to organise the qualifiers for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, Kuwait was given the task of hosting the first group competitions. This follows Kuwait’s previous hosting of the qualifying competitions for the final stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The competitions were held at the Jaber International Stadium, and despite Iraq’s failure to advance to the finals, the organisation did well.

FA Cup

At the club level, the Asian Football Confederation gave Al-Arabi Club permission to host the first group matches of the Confederation Cup for Western Clubs. Later, Al-Arabi was given the task of organising the semi-final game, which pitted Al-Arabi against Al-Seeb of Oman.

Additionally, Kuwait hosted the third FIFA e-Football Days-themed West Asian e-Football Championship, which featured participation from six Asian federations.

The Asian Futsal Cup, which is now taking place in the Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Halls Complex and featuring 16 Asian teams despite Futsal Blue’s loss from the quarterfinals, was organised by the Kuwaiti Federation as part of the country’s hosting tradition.

At the club level, Kuwait Club also contributed to organising the 34th Arab Basketball Club Championship, which is played in two halls at the Kuwait Club in Kaifan and is organised by the Kuwait Basketball Federation. The competition, which features 16 Arab clubs, began last week and ended on October 15th.

individual games

In addition to participating in team activities, Kuwait also had its fair number of individual games. The finest 100 boxers from 21 nations competed in the first edition of the Kuwait International Boxing Championship for men, which was held at the Federation Hall and had a large attendance from both competitors. or supporters and attained significant resonance on a global scale.

The fourth Asian Championships in Athletics for Juniors and Girls, which begin in October, as well as the Arab Badminton Championships are presently being prepared for in Kuwait, along with the Gulf Water Cycling Championship “Hydro Drag,” which will take place in November.

Big reward

The Emir of Kuwait International Championship for the Grand Prix of Shooting, which features 200 male and female shooters and the Asian Championship, is the first phase of early preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games (Paris 2024), and it is organised annually by the Kuwait Shooting Federation in order to obtain the greatest number of qualification cards through major international participations in 2022.


With the help of many camel owners from Kuwait and other Gulf and Arab nations, the Camel Club arranged the 20th Kuwait International Camel Racing Championship, which featured 108 runs spread out over six days at the Martyr Fahd Al-Ahmad Track.

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