Mintroute receives a small investment from Razer Gold. DMCC

To increase the availability of Razer Gold e-vouchers, digital cards, awards, and incentives throughout MENA, Mintroute will provide Razer Gold wider access to its network of distribution platforms and its sizable user base. With over 750,000 contact points and more than 350 B2B partners operating in 32 countries, Mintroute’s platform currently manages a wide range of more than 100 e-vouchers and digital gift cards.

The universal virtual currency for gamers, known as Razer Gold, can be used to buy in-game items and unlock premium content in more than 33,000 games and entertainment apps worldwide.

With the help of the cooperation with Mintroute DMCC, Razer Gold has gained considerable traction in the MENA and GCC markets, expanding its reach with more than 200,000 within a year, Razer gold points were achieved.


Samar Mushainesh, Mintroute CCO and Co-Founder, said, “With Razer, we will have the chance to increase our capabilities and set goals for our clients’ enterprises. “For businesses vying for precious market share, robust, modern digital distribution can offer considerable competitive differentiation.

By enhancing our capabilities, we will enable our partners and our business to take advantage of the most cutting-edge distribution choices.”

The CEO and co-founder of Mintroute, Martin Waldenstrom, also underlined that the company does much more than only distribute digital coupons. Any channel partner may manage the rapidly expanding demand for digital products through a local partner and now with the assistance and know-how of a global gaming corporation with own built end-to-end technical solutions.

According to Adisorn Phonnarut, Global Head of Razer Gold, “the investment in Mintroute allows Razer Gold to accelerate our entry into the MENA region, one of the world’s fastest-growing digital economies, as well as offer solutions for the digital payment needs of our regional and international merchants as the obvious partner of choice.”

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