Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi: My opera show has been cancelled due to a WhatsApp message.

Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, the performer, said that producer Sarah El-WhatsApp Tabbakh’s message to Jihan Morsi, director of the Arab Music Festival, was the cause of the cancellation of his show at the Egyptian Opera House.

As he spoke with the “ET in Arabic” programme, “Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi” said that the audience’s surprise at the concert tickets being pulled off the market caught his attention. They told me that the director of the business I was joining sent them a WhatsApp message and a public release claiming that I am not authorised to work anywhere, the speaker said.

I don’t host any parties; I found out about this from a few of the legal cases in the opera. Are court cases decided by a WhatsApp message?

We advise you to do: Due to the festivities. Mustafa Kamel: We have reached the depths of shame.

Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi According to the court’s verdict, he stated that his legal position is completely sound and added: “I want to inform them that you stood a party illegally and withheld from enforcing the court’s rule because you did not want troubles and worry on the part of escaping from Justice.”

He emphasised that the conflicts between him and the “chef” had been ongoing for a while since she is an official with the “Earth Production” firm, refuting the assertion made by the lawyer Yasser Kantoush that he was unknown before to the company.

“Everything I did that was enlightened was before the Earth Production Company; they never really came up in my life in the first place,” he said.I had no issues if I used my right to having worked for this firm, we sat down, and conducted a reconciliation. I exchanged a pound for it.

Jihan Morsi, a musician and the director of the Arab Music Festival, spoke about the controversy surrounding Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi-performance Sharnoubi’s at the event, which is set to take place on November 1st.

In an audio interview with “ET in Arabic,” “Morsi” claimed that the festival’s management is not at odds with either of the two parties involved in the dispute, producer Sarah Al-Tabbakh or artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi.

Without going into specifics, he said, “No,” and we have no particular relationship with anyone. Mohammed Al-Sharnoubi sang with me at the music festival when he was 10 years old, and I consider him my son and love his voice.

Legal affairs is now handling the situation; I am not authorised to speak about any disagreements between artists and organisations that deal with such matters. and will be taken into consideration, after which we will decide who has the right,” she continued.

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