Newton’s Game

Newton’s Game – The series “Newton’s Game” has stood out for everybody since its appearance in the Ramadan Dramatic Race. It stars Mona Zaki, Muhammad Mamdouh, Muhammad Farraj, Sayed Ragab, and Aisha container Ahmed, and is composed and coordinated by Tamer Mohsen.

Starting from the principal episode, watchers have lived with the legends in snapshots of strain and outrage, yet distant from the series’ methods, the series’ name caused to notice its bizarreness. What is the relationship of the physicist “Isaac Newton” to a social series that discusses a man and his significant other and birth in America, and what is Newton’s previously mentioned game?

Newton’s First Law of Motion

“A static body stays static, and a moving body stays moving, except if it is impacted by outer powers.”

This implies what is happening will constantly stay as it is except if something new happens that redirects occasions, which is what has been going on with the legends. The occasions could never have moved without the spouse’s pregnancy “here” and the couple’s craving for the kid to acquire American citizenship.

Initially, “Hazem” and “Hana” were a common Egyptian couple. Their conjugal issues don’t influence their relationship, yet rather close them together. Be that as it may, the genuine issues happen in the wake of pursuing the choice to go to America and remain in it illicitly, until “Hana” brings forth her youngster in the land Al-Ahlam and secures American citizenship, and the real “here” travel to there without her better half, who couldn’t acquire a visa to enter America.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion

“On the off chance that a power influences an article, it acquires speed increase, corresponding to its power and contrarily to its mass.”

And that implies that when power is applied to an article, assuming the body areas of strength for is can stay up with this speed, yet if the body is frail, its development is slow, and in actuality, the bigger the size of the item, the more slow its development, and the more modest its size, the quicker the power of the effect.

This is the thing we likewise find in the series, as “here” as we see her is little in size, and her scenes show up in Egypt, and she is very delicate and can’t achieve anything without her significant other, and “firm” is a colossal body, continuously racing to save her from different predicaments with his dependability and equilibrium.

Yet, by separating one of them from the other, “here” in America and “undaunted” in Egypt, she finds “here” in herself a dormant power inside her that she didn’t know existed, and while day to day environments turned out to be more serious, she demonstrated that she could depend on herself and act, and as everybody created some distance from her, she could get He got a line of work even though it is straightforward, as well as leasing a humble space to live in, a long way from issues. On the opposite side, a “firm” mentally implodes in an endless series of circumstances, until he at long last winds up killing somebody, by consenting to deliver unmistakable honey in contradiction to his soul and standards.

Newton’s third law of movement

“Each activity has an equivalent and inverse response.”

Each time one of the companions takes a choice, or follows through with something, the other party makes a response to match that move, so the primary party thinks that this response is only another demonstration that should be answered with another activity.

What’s more, this showed up starting from the main episodes, as the primary justification behind remaining “here” in America, regardless of her better half’s longing and concurrence with him, was the rough manner by which “Hazem” advised her to pay attention to his words since she wouldn’t have the option to act alone.

The spouse “firm” likewise had a rough response to his better half “here” misleading him, and concealing that she lived in a little condo with an American young fellow and his sweetheart, so every one of them generally had responses to the activities of the opposite side, and the more prominent the response, the more vicious the response to him. A response taken by one of them removes them further from one another, and the mental distance between them augments.

Newton’s support game

The game shows up in the identification of the series, and the game is known as “Newton’s support” or “Newton’s pendulum” or “Newton’s Balls”, and it comprises 5 metal balls indistinguishable in their particulars as far as size, weight, thickness and materials, each ball is suspended by two strings, and the higher the ball At the finish of the column it plunges to hit the other balls, however, the main ball that moves impacted by this hit is the last ball from the opposite side, which rises and tumbles to hit the balls that don’t move, while the last ball in the line moves to rise once more, and the two balls stay toward the finish of the line the rise and fall commonly.

This is fundamentally the very thing that the possibility of the series depends on. Starting from the main episode, the series has been occurring in two universes far away, “Egypt and America”, and the different sides are the mates “Hazem” and “Hana”, and the balls in the center are “Badr”, “Munis” and “Amina”, yet the occasions Which spin all over the planet in Egypt, “Hazem’s concerns with the broke down and Badr” make him tense and can’t manage the issues of “here” in America, so he rebels against it to take responses that influence him in Egypt, and occasions and responses keep on moving consistently, like a pendulum. Newton’s support.

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