Nick Cannon’s Mission to Fill the Planet With People

You already know what a day ending in y means: the Cannon family has some exciting baby news to share. The second kid Nick Cannon’s has welcomed this month alone and his third with Brittany Bell was born, according to the singer-actor.

Rise Cannon was born on September 23, according to a post Nick Cannon’s made on his Instagram Stories on Friday. “As my journey on this earth gets more and more spectacular and inexplicable, all I can do is thank God and continue to seek the Most High to order my actions, “In a post that looked to be a video of Bell’s baby shower, he made the statement.

Bell clarified that he thought a “BlessingWay” was better than a baby shower, referring to it as “a group of mighty prayer warriors interceding for our new child’s arrival to Earth!”

More over two weeks ago, Nick Cannon’s and model LaNisha Cole (a new member of the Cannon moms’ club) welcomed a daughter, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, into the wider Cannon world. Bell and Cannon are already parents to two children together, Golden, age 5, and Powerful Queen, age 1.

The twins Monroe and Moroccan, who are 11 years old, the twins Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian, who are with Abby De La Rosa, and the newborn Legendary, who is with Bre Tiesi, are Rise’s other half-siblings. Zen was Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s 5-month-old baby, and Cannon recently lamented his passing.

It appears that this individual at least has a passing awareness of the fact that not everyone values his ambitious gift to humanity. Nick Cannon’s stated on Instagram that he wants to “suppress any low vibrational frequencies and just rejoice with the Highest Class of Civilization who are genuinely connected with our purpose here in this realm” when Onyx was born. Additionally,

he appeared to refute the argument that one guy could not possible have enough time to raise all of these kids in an efficient manner.

Nick Cannon’s “I’m seeing that the issue is not the limited time we have left on this planet, but rather the limited supply of love. And despite what anyone thinks, I swear to adore this little child with all of my heart,” he added. “I have always been open and don’t get easily provoked.

However, not everyone in my family possesses the same amount of fortitude. Because of this, I implore everyone to target their criticism and scepticism towards ME rather than the selfless, irreplaceable mothers of my children.

He clearly understands how to multitask since he was able to include Onyx’s birth announcement into a promotion for his duet “I Do” with Chris Brown.

For 2022, Cannon has set a cap of three children: Legendary, Onyx, and now Rise. However, if we are to believe that we now know about all the children Cannon is expecting this year, we would be silly. But that figure may increase. He allegedly has another child with De La Rosa, who is now expecting a child but has not revealed the name of the father.

In a recent interview with the Lovers and Friends podcast, she discussed her relationship with Cannon and described it as “polyamorous, if you really need a name,” according to E! News. She acknowledged that Cannon is her “primary partner,” that she was “monogamous” during her pregnancy, and that she is aware of Cannon’s past intimate relationships.

Technically, she said, “we all know about each other. “How much you chose to learn truly relies on how much you want to know. And I have faith in my relationship with Nick.

The “Wild n’ Out” star also told fans that Bell’s most recent delivery was the “most challenging labour and delivery I have ever had!

He referred to the 48-hour period as “48 hours of painful agony and life utilising peril to welcome 10 points of Love and joy titled RISE MESSIAH CANNON.” “I appreciate you being my fellow little Libra, Brittany! I cherish our wonderful family, especially you.

Along with Rise Messiah, Cannon and Bell are parents to the children Golden and Powerful Queen.

On September 14, Nick Cannon’s welcomed model Lanisha Cole and rapper Onyx Ice Cole. But he made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate any criticism when he revealed his newest daughter to the public.

He posted on Instagram, saying, “I intend to suppress any low vibrating frequencies and just rejoice with the Highest Class of Civilization who are genuinely connected with our purpose here in this reality.

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