Nineteenth draw ends the union control.

the union | The Al-Ittihad First Football Team and its Al-Nassr counterpart were unable to dominate the El Clasico outcomes yesterday in Riyadh due to a negative tie. The Saudi “Roshan” League’s fifth round ended in a stalemate between the two clubs at “Marsool Park.”

Al-Ittihad was unable to maintain its advantage over Al-Nassr in the Clasico, which it had won in each of its previous three games—two in Riyadh and one in Jeddah—all within the league. Contrarily, Nasra continued to defeat Al Ittihad and achieved its ninth stop in its winning run.

the union Al Ittihad won five of their previous eight encounters, while three ended in draws.The two teams were last defeated by Nasraoui on December 21, 2018. In the 14th round of the 2018–19 season, the capital team triumphed 2-1 in Jeddah.

There were 1381 days (3 years, 9 months, and 11 days) between that game and yesterday’s tie between the two teams. In addition, the outcome of the fifth round of “Roshen” brought the total number of draws in the league between the two teams to nine. The rivalry, which started in 2008, has historically seen 11 triumphs over Al-Ittihad and 9 victories over the federal government.

Al-Zailai is mourned at the stadium

Al-Nasr first football team supporters paid tribute to the late Khaled Al-Zailai, who played for their side from 2009 to 2015 and passed away last Friday at the age of 35 following a battle with sickness, in front of Al-Ittihad yesterday.

the union Behind one of the two goals of the “Mrsoul Park” stadium, Nasra supporters draped a sizable banner with the words “To the Eternal Heaven” and a photo of Al-Zaylai wearing the team’s jersey. The late had to give up football after being compelled to do so after learning that he had ALS in late June of 2020.

Grover, a podium visitor

On the platform of the “Morsoul Park” stadium in Riyadh, British David Grover, CEO of the “Roshen” Real Estate Company, saw the match between the Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad teams yesterday. the union Since the start of the current season, Roshan has sponsored the Saudi Professional League. As a result, the contest, which was started in 2008, carries the company’s name.

Before the season began, the League agreed to a 478 million riyal, five-year sponsorship deal with Roshan, a company controlled by the Public Investment Fund.

Jaguar wearing a nautical theme

Yesterday, Nasrawi supporter Khaled Al-Shehri went the “Mrsoul Park” stadium with a vintage 1960 model automobile that was painted in the team’s blue and yellow colours. “I arrived with this car to the Al-Nassr and Al-Ittihad match stadium to show my support for my club,” he told Al-Riyadia prior to the start of the Clasico. And the Jaguar Mark 9 kind of vehicle, made by the British firm “Jaguar.” Its sides were painted yellow by Al-Shehri, while the remainder of its skeleton was painted blue.

Inability of victory to dissolve the union’s knot

the union At the start of the fifth round of the Roshan Professional League on Sunday evening at Mrsool Park Stadium, Al-matchup Nasr’s with its visitor Al-Ittihad was forced to end in a loss.

Since the professional league’s debut in 2008, they have played each other eight times, each time with a win. This is the only negative tie between them during that period.

The two sides competed in 8 matches throughout the course of the last 4 years of the federal pause series; Al-Ittihad won 4 of them, while 4 matches ended in draws.

the union The last time Nasraoui defeated Al Ittihad in the opening round was during the 2018–19 campaign at Al-Jawhara Stadium, with a score of 1-2.

After recording three straight victories, the draw ended Al-ability Ittihad’s to influence the outcome of the Clasico with Al-Nassr in the previous two seasons.

At Mursool Park Stadium, they drew for the first time after Al Ittihad had won the previous two games (2-1) and (3-1).

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