Not Me

Not Me! (French: Sous-sol) is a Canadian dramatization film, delivered in 1996. The full-length first time at the helm of Pierre Gang, the screenplay had been composed by Gang an entire 10 years before he had the option to make the film.

It stars Richard Moffatt as René, an 11-year-old kid transitioning in 1967. At the point when his dad bites the dust soon after he inadvertently witnesses his folks having intercourse, he turns out to be excessively defensive of his bereaved mother Reine (Louise Portal) when she enters another relationship with Roch (Patrice Godin), while at the same time having his sexual arousing when the alluring Françoise (Isabelle Pasco) moves into an adjoining loft.

The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 1996, preceding opening financially in Quebec on May 31.

The film collected two Genie Award designations at the seventeenth Genie Awards in 1996, in the classifications of Best Original Screenplay (Gang) and Best Actress (Portal). It won the honor of Best Original Screenplay.

The film was Canada’s accommodation for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 69th Academy Awards in 1997, yet didn’t make the last waitlist.

Not Me

Because of genuine occasions, a weak 21-year-old food sprinter (Ashton), ends up caught in a compromising circumstance because of his obligation to give a rich inn visitor (Steve) great help. Ashton stays committed and zeroed in on doing the most ideal work, disregarding Steve’s endeavors to bait him into something he would rather not do.

Chief’s Statement

I felt a profound desire and enthusiasm to recount this genuine story. I needed to investigate subjects of loss of blamelessness, power, control, and the cold, hard reality that so frequently is by all accounts occurring away from public scrutiny and stayed quiet because of casualties feeling disgrace. “Not Me” was my first time at the helm, so I needed to take care of business and track down the fortitude to tell it. This film manages an incredibly touchy and upsetting subject, yet I expected to show how savage maltreatment doesn’t simply happen to ladies. I needed to extend the conversation on savage maltreatment and demonstrate the way that these grievous and horrendous encounters can happen to anybody.

Not Me (2021)

High contrast is twins with a strong association. After their folks’ division, however, White’s dad took him abroad, and their family successfully cut off in two. It isn’t until fifteen years have passed that White — presently developed — gets back to Thailand.

At some point, apparently from no place, White feels a desolation like passing. He recuperates in the clinic, yet they’re not able to decide the reason. Then he gets a call from a cherished, lifelong companion, Tod. Tod lets him know that Black is in a state of unconsciousness following an awful assault and he discovers that Black is in a cruiser pack. Incapable to persevere through the damage done to his sibling peacefully, and thinking it was one of Black’s dear companions — Sean, Gram, or Yok — who double-crossed him, White masks himself as Black to uncover the backstabber.

Be that as it may, White doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his sibling as well as he suspected; he’s not acting like the Black Sean knows, incredulous and coldblooded about the sensations of others. Sean’s dubious. The distinction gets under Sean’s skin and causes him to feel things he shouldn’t.

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