On Teacher’s Day, The first step in education reform and growth is to inspire and prepare teachers.

Teacher’s Day As the globe recovers from the Corona epidemic, which hit most nations, including Jordan, and left teachers with heavy workloads to restore the educational system, today is World Teachers’ Day.
Education experts emphasise that any reform and development of the educational process must start with training the teacher and equipping him with skills because of the benefit that this brings to the student in this celebration, which falls on this day.

They also affirm that the teacher is a critical element in reforming and succeeding the educational process as he is the main driver and guide to achieve its goals. and all of schooling.

In separate conversations with Al-Ghad, they emphasised the necessity of making the teaching profession appealing, involving teachers in determining the nature and status of education, reconsidering their preparation and training, improving their opportunities for scientific growth, maximising their accomplishments, and developing their professional and horizontal career paths, provided that they are given financial and moral incentives to maintain their development.

Teacher’s Day Jordan joins the rest of the world in commemorating this day under the theme “Transformation in education begins with teachers,” as selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for this year.

Dr. Tayseer Al-Nuaimi, the former minister of education, congratulated the teachers on Teacher’s Day and lauded their great work and what they accomplished during the outstanding school year during the pandemic.

He emphasised that it is in their hands to bring about the desired change in the educational system, and that the celebration of this day, which occurs on October 5 of each year, is meant to show appreciation and gratitude for all the teachers’ efforts.

He explained that the title chosen for this year’s celebration of teachers is significant because it signals the beginning of the necessary transformation in education, particularly blended education related to the nature of the curricula, the roles of teachers, and the lessons we want students to learn.

Al Nuaimi emphasised that bringing about this change and shift in our educational system cannot happen without teachers because we understand that the quality of any educational system cannot be higher than the quality of its teachers and that the quality of learning begins with the quality of the teachers. These facts have been proven.

He emphasised that investing in teachers—that is, putting them through preparation and training, giving them the technological assistance they need in the classrooms, and enhancing their financial situations—is in and of itself an investment in the educational process.

Teacher’s Day The most important issues confronting education, according to Al-Nuaimi, are: How can we make teaching a desirable profession? As a result, it can be concluded that there are prerequisites for practising it, a clear career path, financial and moral incentives, and that the remuneration for teachers fits their demands and draws skilled human resources to the teaching profession.

He emphasised the need for teaching to become a profession, similar to other professions of medicine and engineering that have requirements for practitioners.

These requirements are not only related to the certificate but also to the conditions of practise and personal and cognitive competencies, as well as the specific career path, so that the teacher enters the profession and thus advances his care. And he said that teachers are the first step towards the desired change in education.

In order to bring about the needed reform in our educational system, it must be founded on what the teacher needs. Enhancing the standing of the instructor and his financial appreciation in accordance with the talents available.

He emphasised that the Teacher’s Day needs a supportive and inspiring school leadership, a local community engaged in children’s education, as well as a safe work environment, appropriate educational facilities, and enough time for teachers to prepare and design lessons in a climate of trust and respect in order to achieve the desired reform in the educational process.

Dr. Muhammad Abu Ghazla, a former director of the Ministry of Education’s Department of Educational Planning and Research, agreed with the viewpoint.

Teacher’s Day He believed that investing in education is the greatest successful investment and that knowledge production—which is done by teachers, who are the true power behind individuals and societies—is the key to unlocking the future and meeting its difficulties.

And Abu Ghazla stated that any change in the educational system can only occur with the teacher. He is the cornerstone in preparing and bringing up generations to contribute to leading change in the future of their countries, and he leads the process of development and change in his community and school.

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