Passport Index, United Arab Emirates has the greatest passport in the world.

United Arab Emirates: DUBAI According to the most recent edition of the Passport Index, a global rating by Montreal-based financial advising company Arton Capital, inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates are classified as having the world’s most mobile and unrestricted passport.

The UAE, a tiny, oil-rich Gulf sheikhdom of around 10 million inhabitants, 90% of whom are foreign expats, has topped the most recent rating, beating out nations like Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Luxembourg despite the fact that they are all in the top five.

Basically, if you have an Emirati passport, you may go to a huge number of nations without a visa and in many others, you can obtain a visa on the spot. Owners of Emirati passports are eligible for visa-free travel to 121 nations and can obtain a visa at the airport in 59 more nations. They only require a visa for 19 countries, which means they may enter 91% of the world’s nations without first obtaining a visa.

Contrast that with the United States, where citizens may visit 109 countries without a visa and 56 nations with a visa upon arrival thanks to their passport, but 26 countries demand a visa in order for them to enter. Compared to other passports, the “global reach” of the U.S. passport is estimated to cover 83% of all nations.


In the most recent Passport Index rating, the UAE outranked nations including Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Luxembourg.
If you have an Emirati passport, you may visit a vast variety of nations without a visa and in many others, you can obtain one at the airport.
Owners of Emirati passports are eligible for visa-free travel to 121 nations and can obtain a visa at the airport in 59 more nations.

The UAE, the most global corporate headquarters of any Middle Eastern nation, and a desert centre for business and tourism, achieved the highest “mobility score” of 180. The technique for calculating this number considers other nations’ policies on visa exemptions and visa on arrival; the study states that “the greater the mobility score, the better global mobility its passport holder enjoys.”

The ability of UAE passport holders to visit nations with a visa on arrival is what distinguishes them, according to Armand Arton, president and chief executive officer of Arton Capital, who spoke to CNBC.

“While the passport’s ability to visit countries without a visa is equivalent to that of its rivals, holders of a UAE passport have access to 13 more countries with a visa on arrival than holders of the second-ranked German passport.”

The normalisation of relations with Israel and the introduction of a remote workers visa are only two of the recent measures that have benefited the UAE and encouraged many more individuals to reside there. With other nations, its leaders have made significant investments, developed diplomatic ties, and signed economic agreements.

Because of the disparities in their administrations, many mobility changes were implemented so swiftly in compared to EU nations, according to Arton.

As it represents all of its members nations, the European Union “controls the most power to affect the global mobility rankings,” he claimed. Therefore, a new visa waiver pact with Europe can significantly raise a nation’s position. This has a double-edged effect, too, because the EU is a large organisation that operates only with the consent of all of its members.

Therefore, Arton continued, “it cannot act with the same urgency and resolve that the UAE has and continues to exercise.”

In contrast to many Western governments, the UAE has not severed travel relations with Belarus and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, making it a highly sought-after location for citizens of both nations, particularly those attempting to circumvent sanctions. Property prices have soared as a result of the consequent population explosion, particularly in Dubai, the opulent business and tourist centre of the UAE.
Dubai itself was recently named one of the top five places in the world for expats to reside by the networking service InterNations. More nationalities will likely be granted easy admission if other nations do the same.

According to Taufiq Rahim, a research fellow at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government in Dubai, “The UAE has become a unique crossroads.” “It lies between the East and the West, developed and underdeveloped economies, and open to everybody. With this variety of access, it is difficult for any nation to compete, hence it is not surprising that it would lead any passport index.

The UAE passport has been essential to the expansion and innovation of Khalifa BinHendi’s companies, an Emirati entrepreneur and public personality located in Dubai.

As businesspeople, possessing the most powerful passport on the international arena opens up a world of opportunity and fosters a culture of speed, according to BinHendi. The greater the outcomes, the more important speed is in business. We are in a unique position and have a stronger competitive edge when conducting our business endeavours and franchises since we can fly nonstop from London to Tokyo.

This makes us really proud of our country, he continued. It inspires us all to act as better citizens and make contributions to the development of the UAE’s society and economy.

According to local media accounts, there are around 1.5 million Emirati passport holders. With a very low crime rate, the UAE is frequently cited as one of the safest nations in the world.

According to a statement from Arton Capital, “Europe remains a particularly strong cohort, but the increase of passports from the Gulf states are obvious.” Additionally, the findings demonstrated “how certain passports are stagnating, such as the UK’s as a result of internal political choices,” it was said.
Despite a war breaking out in Europe and the Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on travel, the study claimed that overall, nations have become more hospitable and that global mobility has improved. This has been accelerated by evolving work arrangements, notably the growth of remote work.

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