Paulo Dybala might be forced to miss the World Cup due to a penalty kick.

The coach of the “Wolves,” Jose Mourinho, reveals that Paulo Dybala is facing a challenging scenario as the Italian star of Rome is dealing with a serious injury.

The Italian League match between Roma and Lecce, which took place on Sunday, October 9, for the ninth round of the 2022–23 season, resulted in the catastrophic injury to star player Paulo Dybala.

In the “Serie A” rankings, Roma defeated Lecce 2-1 to keep the Italian capital’s wolf in contention for the semifinals. Roma currently holds fifth position with 19 points, one point behind Milan in fourth.

What took place?

In the first moments of the second half, Roma was awarded a penalty kick against Lecce, and the outcome indicated a 1-1 tie. As a result, Paulo Dybala grabbed the initiative and successfully struck the ball into the visitors’ goal in the 48th minute.

However, Paulo Dybala, who scored the goal, experienced genuine agony after hitting the ball into the net rather than rejoicing with his teammates.

Despite the teammates’ encouragement, Dybala left the field after only two minutes due to a muscular injury. The Argentine remained on the sideline in agony, on the verge of tears, as he applied an ice pack to his right thigh.

What exactly said Mourinho?

Although the specifics of Dybala’s injury have not yet been made public, Giallorossi manager Jose Mourinho thinks he won’t be available at least until the start of the new year.

In comments to the media, Mourinho “After the game, the DAZN network asked: “Paulo Dybala? He has sustained critical injuries, and the situation is dire.”

He continued, “Is he going to show up before 2023? I’m not a doctor, but based on what I’ve observed during his career, the situation is dire.”

The Argentine is anticipated to undergo more medical testing in the coming hours, but Mourinho’s comments suggest that the results won’t be encouraging.

“La Joya” won’t compete with the Argentina national squad in the 2022 World Cup, which starts in Qatar in November, since Dybala’s absence might extend until 2023.

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