Pictures show Milan carefully overcoming the Verona challenge.

In the match that pitted Milan against Hellas Verona in the tenth week of the Italian League, Milan secured a hard-earned victory with two goals against one.

Sandro Tonali and Miguel Veloso both scored once for Milan, while Verona’s goal was scored by Quarry Gunter in the nineteenth minute.

With this win, Milan improved to third position in the rankings with a score of 23 points, while Verona’s score remained unchanged at 5 points in 18th place.

Milan immediately became a part of the game’s atmosphere. The first goal was scored by the Rossoneri in the ninth minute as Rafael Liao crossed the ball into the area from the left side, struck Verona’s Veloso, and then accidentally into the net.

After Liao started again from the left side to pass to Ibrahim Diaz, who then put it on a plate to Giroud, who was alone in the goal, Milan nearly doubled the score soon, but the ball deflected against the left post and out of play.

After Gunther sprinted from the left side to strike the ball toward the goal, it hit the defender Gabia to reverse its course and net the goalie Tatarusano and signal the equaliser for Verona in the 19th minute.

In the final seconds of the first half, Verona had a great opportunity thanks to a corner kick that was taken inside the penalty area and met by Gunther with a header that crossed in front of the goal while the defence was preoccupied.

At the start of the second half, Milan coach Stefano Pioli made his first replacements, taking out Olivier Giroud and Ibrahim Diaz to make room for the offensive tandem of Ante Rebic and Divock Origi.

When a ball deep in the defence found Hrostik on the right side of the penalty area, he unleashed a powerful shot that almost missed Tatarusano’s right post. This nearly gave the landowners a second goal.

Milan responded swiftly, and after only two minutes, the Croatian replacement Ante Rebic received a wonderful ball from the left defender Theo Hernandez and unleashed a strong ground shot toward the goal, which the goalkeeper wonderfully saved.

Verona continued to make attempts against Milan, and in the 56th minute, she sent a cross ball from the left side into the penalty area, where it was met by substitute Piccoli, who had just entered the game two minutes prior, with an excellent header that hit the crossbar and bounced outside the area, and Gunter immediately after with a rocket that also travelled along the crossbar and touched the upper net of the goal outside the stadium.

Adrian Tamiz, a midfielder for Verona, received the ball in the Rossoneri penalty area incorrectly. He then attempted to correct his position and deliver a cross in front of the goal, which Piccoli met with a feeble effort that fell into goalie Tatarusano’s hands.

Following a rocket effort by Theo Hernandez from outside the box in the 76th minute, Milan’s goalkeeper Montepo sprang to his feet and stopped a double opportunity. Rebic received Tonali’s pass into the box with an intricate header toward the goal after the goalie skillfully deflected it to bounce to the right. Again, Montepo excelled and managed to keep her from his objective.

A pass from Origi’s teammate Rebic was sent in front of the penalty area two minutes later. The Belgian striker blasted the ball hard, but it sailed wide of the target and out to the side of the field.

After a counterattack reached Rebic on the left side, he passed the ball deep into the Verona defence to Tonali, who was alone in front of goal, and Tonali was able to score Milan’s second goal in the 81st minute.

After a corner kick was taken within the box, one of the Verona players met it with a header as soon as the goalie walked away, causing the defenders to get preoccupied. This is when the match exploded.

After a counterattack by four players that culminated with Tonali firing a missile shot, Milan nearly fired a bullet of mercy at Verona in the 90+4 minute. However, Montepo continued to display his genius and stopped the shot.

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