Qatar capital asks nations to reverse their stance on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and agree with Australia

Qatari authorities have consistently denounced the illegitimate Israeli occupation, qatar capital showing their sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

Qatar has praised Australia’s contentious decision to retract its recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which was announced on Tuesday.

Australia’s move “would boost international efforts aimed at attaining a just, comprehensive, and durable peace,” Qatar’s foreign ministry said in a statement. qatar’s capital Additionally, the Gulf nation stated that it “aspired for similar choices from the countries that recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The statement reiterated Qatar’s support for Palestinian rights: “The ministry warns against unilateral moves that might undermine the premise of a two-state solution.”

Al Khater is praised by UNRWA as a “great advocate” for Palestinian refugees.

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had acknowledged West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2018, but he stopped short of moving Canberra’s embassy to the unlawfully occupied territory.

The decision was made a year after former US President Donald Trump designated Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and opened an embassy there, qatar capital a move that was at the time roundly criticised as provocative.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong said Canberra “would always remain a firm ally of Israel” while retaining its commitment to a two-state solution, despite garnering accolades from pro-Palestine activists across the world.

“I regret Mr. Morrison’s choice to play politics, which led to Australia’s shifting posture, and the pain these adjustments have brought to many Australians who care profoundly about this subject,” said Morrison.

Israel was upset by the choice, which prompted a statement from the foreign ministry expressing “deep regret.” In response, Tel Aviv summoned the Australian ambassador.

As a result of its illegitimate annexation of the eastern portion during the 1967 conflict, popularly known as the “Six Day War,” Israel views all of Jerusalem as its capital.

After only six days, the occupying state had declared victory, allowing it to increase its illegal presence in Palestine and seize control of the Gaza Strip. qatar capital The Golan Heights and a portion of south Lebanon were also taken by the Zionist state.

Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for three thousand years and will remain so indefinitely, regardless of this or that decision, the Zionist state’s minister declared.

Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of Palestine, praised Australia for its decision, saying it was in accordance with international legitimacy and law.

qatar capital According to Palestine’s official agency, Shtayyeh remarked, “It is also a message to Israel that the world will not tolerate the annexation of the Palestinian areas.”

According to Shtayyeh, the choice “expresses Australia’s support for and agreement with the ideals of truth, justice, and freedom, as well as the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, recognised by international legitimacy.”

Qatar’s assistance to Palestine

Longtime supporters of the Palestinian cause include the Gulf nation, qatar capital with Qatari Officials consistently denounce Israel’s illegitimate occupation of Palestine.

Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani addressed the UN General Assembly in New York this year and emphasised important concerns pertaining to the Middle East area.

Amir Tamim emphasised once more the importance of carrying out international agreements and pressuring Israel to cease its unlawful occupation.

“The Palestinian problem is still unsolved, and the settler-occupation has adopted a fait accompli policy,” stated Sheikh Tamim. “In light of the failure to execute the resolutions of international legitimacy and with the continual changing of facts on the ground.”

While urging the Security Council to “compel Israel to cease the occupation of the Palestinian lands,qatar capital ” the Emir of Qatar reaffirmed his country’s complete sympathy with Palestinians “in their yearning for justice.”

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