Real Madrid | “It’s a hard victory, but we have to keep winning,” said Lucas Vazquez.

Real Madrid Courtois stated, “With the replacements, we took another stride and regained control of the game.

Three minutes after joining the pitch, Lucas Vázquez scored Real Madrid second goal in their match against Sevilla. For us, it was a challenging game, the madridista said.

“We’re happy to have prevailed in such a difficult game, and we hope to do likewise in the future. All season long, we’ll endeavour to maintain our winning streak. Real Madrid Defeating a direct rival helps the team’s mental development “.

“Without the ball after the draw, we had a little trouble; we had trouble getting the balls back and lost them quickly. We recovered, generated opportunities, and ultimately prevailed when we handled the ball with composure.”

Significant change

Real Madrid The squad is grateful for our assistance. We started out strong and determined to have an impact on the game.

the highest scorer Valverde
Valverde should use his shooting skill to his advantage if he wants to score a lot of goals.

“A solid victory over a strong opponent,” said Courtois.

Real Madrid “We had total possession of the ball in the first half. Sevilla is a terrific squad, and they were able to score the equaliser, so perhaps we need to have added a second goal to calm ourselves down. We then awoke once more and scored two great goals. To keep the advantage, it was a wonderful triumph over a formidable foe “.

“I believe that our second-half start gave them hope, but after the adjustments, we took a fresh approach and regained control of the game.”

Shot by Valverde

“We often urged him that he needed to shoot more in matches as we battled with him in practise. He fires ferociously, and even a slight movement won’t stop him. Real Madrid Given his talent for scoring, I’m pleased with his goals this season.”

at the Bernabéu, the Yashin Cup

“I’m happy to have won it, and it’s great to play with Karim, who deserved to win the Ballon d’Or,” the winner said. Real Madrid It is also wonderful to deliver the trophy to the supporters on the field since it is so amazing to get it from a legend like Iker Casillas, who was my favourite player growing up. It is the result of the team’s and the supporters’ labour during the previous campaign.


Real Madrid””I’m happy with the team’s victory and that I was able to influence things when I was on the field. I believe it’s crucial to take all possible possibilities. We’re moving in the right direction, generating great outcomes, and performing well.

I have a long season to wait until I get my shot. I only have a little time, but I pay attention to quality, helping the team, and giving it my all.


“I played abroad while I was a player for Real Madrid, but my natural position is inside. But I can adapt to any circumstance.”

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