Recruiting link for positions at the Saudi Railways Technical Institute paying up to 9,000 riyals a month

As part of the Kingdom’s vision for 2030, the Saudi Railways Technical Institute has announced several jobs for Saudis, particularly young men and women, with a variety of benefits and rewards for training and employment. In this article, we’ll go over how to apply for jobs at the Saudi Railways Technical Institute as well as the requirements for applying.

The Saudi Railway Technical Institute’s submission date

While the Saudi Railway Technical Institute defined the deadline for the programme and stated that the submission will be accepted beginning on Sunday, 13 March 1444 AH, which is equivalent to 10 September 2022 AD, and will expire on Thursday, 04 February 1444 AH. According to the Institute, the programme will begin on Sunday, June 15, 1444 AH, which is January 8, 2023 AD. This corresponds to 10/27/2022.

Within the context of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 scheme. Many occupations in the Kingdom are now being saudized and offered to Saudi residents, particularly young men and women, along with a variety of work prospects. As a result, the Saudi Railways Technical Institute in Serbia announced the start of registration for its railroad-focused degree programme.

Additionally to receiving several incentives and awards for employment and training from Siemens Mobile Saudi Arabia Ltd. Saudi Railways Technical Institute Now that the application is ready, it has been confirmed that the key prerequisite is that the candidate must only be a Saudi national.

requirements for enrollment at the Sirb Institute

A high school graduation with a cumulative average of at least 80% is the first requirement for applicants.
A Saudi national must submit an application.
The applicant’s age should fall between 18 and 26.
The candidate received a score of at least 60%.
IELTS level 4 or a comparable level of English proficiency is necessary.
The candidate must be in good health
The candidate must succeed on the entrance exam and the personal interview.

benefits of working in the railroad swarm

Saudi Railways Technical Institute After finishing the programme, you’ll receive a salary of up to 9,000 Saudi riyals per month, as well as medical insurance and registration in social insurance. You’ll also receive a cash prize of 3,500 Saudi riyals during the training.

Following the processing of applications, those who satisfy the requirements for submission will be notified via email of the date of the admission exam. First, the application is submitted to the railroad swarm website. A questionnaire form is filled out with the applicant’s details.

Following that, you must produce an original and a duplicate of your personal status card.
a sealed copy of the diploma from high school, or both copies.
Saudi Railways Technical Institute If the registration papers in the application and the test-submitted documents do not match, the application will be fully rejected. The submission cutoff date is 10/27/2022. The training will begin on August 1st, 2023.

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