Reem Al-Sawas was kept from singing in Syria, and the Artists Syndicate uncovers the subtleties

Reem Al-Sawas was kept from singing

The choice of the Syrian Artists Syndicate goes in close vicinity to a more complete choice to stand firm against any craftsman who utilizes obscenity or partisan terms, given that the choice remembers a super durable restriction from singing for Syria, which was affirmed by Mohsen Ghazi, the top of the Syrian Artists Syndicate, saying: hostile and harmful language.”

The Artists Syndicate denounces Reem Al-Sawas

The top of the Syrian Artists Syndicate scrutinized a few vocalists and specialists offending individuals during their singing, and the crowd would cheerfully stand by listening to such words and even interface with them. Focusing on that he is clueless about the craftsmen Reem Al-Sawas and Sarah Zakaria, or about how they acquired singing licenses.

The top of the Syrian Artists Syndicate requested that unequivocal measures be taken to restrict the spread of workmanship, which he depicted as substandard, focusing on the significance of forestalling the issuance of any visas for any vocalist whose singing relies upon low words.

Reem Al-Sawas disregards the Syndicate’s summons

The association brought Reem al-Sawas for cross-examination and promised not to absolute words hostile to general society, but rather Mohsen Ghazi said that Reem al-Sawas avoided coming to the association, making sense of: “In the event that she doesn’t come, we will speak with the association branch in Aleppo, to go to the fundamental lengths in collaboration with the skillful specialists to stop the show.”

It is referenced that the melody of the greatest slip-up in my life is the explanation that elaborate Reem Al-Sawas with the crowd and provoked the Syndicate to choose to restrict her from singing, in light of the fact that the tune contains words that the Syndicate depicted as low.

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